Thursday, 31 December 2015

Cosplay @ Klang Parade

OMG! I really had fun editing these photos. It really reminds me of my childhood. I stopped enjoying anime and comics a couple years ago. 'Cause ya know, adulthood and responsibility took over my life. I had to put aside these fun stuff.

Anyways, this event brought up by Klang Parade and Cosplay Malaysia Community seriously had enlightened up my weekend. Seeing these amazing characters and Cosplay enthusiasts, I just couldn't stop myself from this hype.

Just look at those outfits, if the details didn't compel you to liking it, I don't know what else would.

This adorable contest was open for public participation, regardless of how amateur or skillful you are. Some had nearly five years of experience and some had like, a couple of month experience, but still causing some awesome rivalry. The main idea was to promote the sub-culture that had been trending for decades now. Creativity and passion, those are the concept that people could see in this event.

Seems pretty simple, isn't it? Well, you might want to reconsider that. 'Cause wearing only good outfit doesn't ensure you the champion title. Sort of like a beauty pageant, with wicked-looking costume of course, the judges were judging based on these following aspects:

    Costume       -  40%
    Catwalk        -  10%
    Creativity     -  20%
    Performance -  30%

Not very simple now huh?

The entire contest was pretty competitive. Even my friends and I couldn't decide on who should be the winner. But in the end, SORA & LINGERING WILL from 'Kingdom Hearts' took the champion title. MR. SATAN from 'Dragonball' got himself a second and UCHIHA MADARA from 'Naruto' got the third.

God I hope there will be more to come. Either personal or by invitation, I'm gonna anyway. This is just way to fun to be missed.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Movie - Star Wars : The Force Awaken

Honestly speaking, I am not a die-hard fan of "The Star Wars". I did watch the movies before and it was pretty good. As for this new sequel, I'm rating it 8 out of 10. I would add in one more point if they managed to put in more stories on Ray. She's a main character, she deserves to have a better backstory.

Okay, here we go. The same thing that I do after reading or watching something good - I'm going to list down the few things that I love about it.

First on my list, let's take a look on the origin of Star Wars. It started back in the 70's and it was created with original contents. Unlike some movie nowadays, where they tend to make adaptation from various source - comics or novels.

Secondly, the characters. One of the thing I love when watching a movie with multiple different characters, is how all of them are distinct from each other. A scavenger girl, who later on took over an important journey in finding Luke Skywalker, the greatest Jedi master. A former Stromtrooper who decided to leave the First Order after being sent for his first task. A charming pilot that unintentionally left his droid behind and ultimately, met the descendant of Jedi.

Finally, the graphic. Some people wouldn't consider that as an awesome thing. But you know what, I truly appreciate every detail they have put in the movie.Spaceship chase, wicked explosion and those breath-taking scenery. I just couldn't have enough of it.

Anyways, this is only the first week of the movie. I think tickets for next week are available. You should really go and check it. Thanks for reading this.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Travel Budget for Beijing

I had some people asking me, "Why do you always travel to China? You sure have lots of money, don't you?"

Face-palm was what I did every time I heard that. As I said before this, I wasn't born in a financially stable family. The fund that I saved for traveling came from either my full-time job, freelance work and little investment.

Unlike the rest of the people I know, I have different priorities in life. Traveling is just one of it. So whenever I planned to visit China, I didn't get stingy with myself. I consider this as expenses for my education. Because you know, I learn a lot when I travel.

So here you go, a list of my regular budget every time I go to Beijing.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mr&Mrs Dai Waffle Taste @ Johor Bahru

I'm pretty sure everyone knows that I'm from the southernmost city, Johor Bahru. Said it once in my intro, but there's no harm in repeating it. I mean, I am absolutely proud to tell everybody my city of origin.

It's been two months since my last visit there. So, I took a four-day holiday to go back my home-city. Not much of a fun, though. I was tired with everything in KL, so it was pretty awesome to have such a long weekend to kick back and relax.

But I've got to share with one thing new in Johor Bahru. Something that wasn't there when I left that city.

October 2015, a friend of our family, had finally launched her dream shop. With the name of Mr & Mrs Dai Waffle Taste, it is a dessert store that introduces a new way to enjoy waffle. For some people, desserts will always be dessert. It doesn't matter how much you try to improvise it. But for those who appreciate the art of dessert, and apparently enjoy eating, this could be extremely interesting.

At Waffle Taste, you have multiple selections in creating the waffle that suits your taste. It's pretty simple, yet fun. Just imagine Subway sandwich, but replace it with waffle from Waffle Taste. You could either select the ingredients separately, or just choose from of the existing menu. Each of extra ingredients you're selecting, such as Turkey or Salmon, will cost you RM1.00 and RM1.50 respectively. Click to this link to understand more of their menu, Mr&Mrs Dai Waffle Taste.

That sounds kind of great, doesn't it? Now let's discuss on the thing that I like most. That would be the Banana Caramel (RM4.90). Fresh banana served on top of beautifully cooked waffle, and rained down with hot-thick caramel sauce. Simple, sweet and classic. My all time favorite.

Located in front of Courts and next to U-mobile kiosk, you could actually notice from afar. Cool location indeed. Operating from 10 am till 10 pm. And here's the address:

Kipmart Tampoi, Taman Tampoi Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru, Johor.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Morning After @ Damansara

I believe tons of people out there love cafe hopping. Jumping from a cafe to another, trying all sort of their tasty looking coffee or latte. But you know what I love do during cafe hopping - The Food!

Yeah, you read it right! I love coffee or latte, but not as much as I love eating good food. So what I'm about to show you here is the cafe I went last week. The name was The Morning After, a combination of relaxing cafe and European restaurant. Generous portion of food, great cook, fine taste. I wouldn't stop eating that night if I wasn't full.

Now let us start with the best-seller around here. Keep this in mind guys, the food here aren't that pricey and your looking at the range between RM15 to RM40. Totally how I would budget my meal. On top of our list, we've got this super appealing Soft-Shell Crab Pasta (RM34.00). If you loved the soft-shell crab they sold in Japanese Restaurant, you'd love this dish. Deep fried soft-shell crab served with bolognese pasta. Damn son! These drools are killing me.

Always stucked when choosing the menu. Well, in this cafe, you'll face that even more frequent. I mean, don't even think to come up with best answer without the help of professional. This cafe doesn't just serve main dishes. They also have desserts, breakfasts, cakes, all types of coffee and drinks. Even the main dishes themselves have multiple different choices, such as steak, spaghetti, salmon etc.

Okay, now ask me which dish I truly fell in love with. Ask me! The answer would be, Spaghetti with Basil Sauce and Grilled Chicken (RM25.00). I know that some people would say I'm kind of odd. Well, I am odd. I wouldn't suggest anyone who'd never try any European or Italian food before to order this. The main attraction of this spaghetti comes from the ingredient of the sauce, basil leaf. I love using basil leaves when I cook, so when I saw a new concept of making it into a sauce, I went frantic.

By the way, if any of you happened to meet this yellow-shirt man, say hi to him. He's the guy who invented the food we're all eating. Chef Man is a skilled chef with loads of previous experience in fine dining in Asia and Europe. That actually explains why the Basil Spaghetti tasted so freaking good.

So next time, if there is anyone visiting Sri Damansara, perhaps you could stop by at this cafe. They operating from 8 am daily. The address is at A-G-3, Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara, Persiaran Perdana, 52200 KL.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Shogun2U - The Latest Food Delivery System

Did you guys know that Shogun actually giving a 40% off on each of their food. Seriously, like if you ordered a RM25 bento set, the amount you finally had to pay, is RM15. Mind blown! They're extending the promotion till 15th November, and if you were melted by the cuteness of those tiny limited edition pandas, order it now as they too will be extended for another 500 orders.

There's a cache, though. Order the delivery through online. Click this link for it, Shogun2U Online Delivery.

Founder of Shogun & Saisaki shared with fellow bloggers on the secret of their generosity and huge success. It came to me as a shock when they said Shogun had found a third generation of food delivery service, or a new form of franchise system, which had benefited them vastly over the few months.

The idea was pretty simple - They organized a single kitchen, or they called it 'main kitchen' (located in Kuchai Lama) and had all the finest chef to cook there. So every time a customer books a food online, they will have the chef personally cooks it and will be sent to the customer's doorstep. Just in case if you want to know how far could they deliver, let me tell you, ENTIRE KLANG VALLEY.

I had my food delivered just last week and it came to my house just how I expected - fragrant and tasty-looking. And for sure, this won't be my last order.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

General Review - Chinese Education

Just sharing some of my thoughts and insights. Like it if you ever felt the same way before.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Systema Roadshow @ One Utama

Frankly speaking, I do have oral problem. Well, nothing major about it. It just that, my breath stinks a bit when I don’t eat in a long time and if I use hard-bristle toothbrush, it would hurt my gum. Eventually, it bleed.

So every time when I go for toiletries, I would look for toothbrushes with particular requirement. Two things that I ask for in a toothbrush - soft bristle and good tongue cleaner.

I realized that my breath issue mostly came from the back of my tongue. So a good cleaner could solve it all. Also, I'm a frequent user of toothbrush. Meaning that I brush my teeth more than twice a day. So it's very important for me to get a soft and good toothbrush to avoid any injuries to my gum.

Well, those are just my little problem to take it too light, though. If I’m not going to take some care on it, it might get even worse. Like maybe people would think that I keep a skunk in my mouth. Gross.

So just last week, I went to a roadshow by Systema and they gave me a sample to try out their latest creation. The design was kind of the same, but the bristle wasn’t. I mean, it was shorter and slimmer. And you know, they had a super tender tongue cleaner. I was pretty surprised with it and tried out the cleaner as soon as I got it. It was indeed soft.  What can I say, I love weird stuff.

Have a try this on this new creation, Systema 3D Clean. For a good toothbrush, the price isn’t that expensive. I mean RM11.50 for a brush that cleans your mouth entirely, think of how worthy that investment would be. And I heard they’re selling it so well in Japan.

0.02 mm super slim bristle that would never hurt your gum. Hmm, I like the sound of that. And if you notice over these few years, Systema had designed multiple types of toothbrushes. Look at those designs. Interested, aren’t they? My previous favorite was Spiral. Great concept in penetrating and cleaning your tooth gap.

So yeah, they were kind enough to give me a free toothbrush. Even if they weren’t giving, I would still buy it anyway.

Stay tune for my next blog post. I don’t know yet what to post. Perhaps something silly, perhaps something awesome. You’d never know.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Resort Suites @ Bandar Sunway

To be honest, I stay in Sunway. More precisely, in Mentari area. But you know what, there's no harm trying out the hotel or resort nearby. And if you go slightly deeper, you might as well find something that you would never realize during your daily routine.

Tourists who wish to stay around Sunway for a couple of days or perhaps a week, most of them would probably choose Sunway Resort. And that's for the same reason, it is accessible by public transportation, it has a bigger name and they felt the security in choosing the right hotel. But little did they know, there is a way to reduce the cost and still having the same amount of enjoying.

With only RM199, I could get all of these - a complete set of mini-home that came together with kitchen equipment, a full set of toilet and bathroom, a dining table for four, a reading desk and a couch, an LCD TV and a comfortable king-size bed. God knew how much I enjoyed my stay for the two days.

A cool concept by Resort Suites, mixing the residential apartments and hotel suites in a single building. It kind of makes the whole atmosphere feels like a comfy housing area, rather than hotel. During daylight, you could probably bump into the people who reside on the top floor. Great way to make friends if you were a traveler.

Awesome night I had. Thanks to my lady friend here, for accompanying me at dinner. Don't get jealous with those things on our table, though. It took only the two of us to finish everything. Meaning, hell it was good! And a good friend of mine. She was there too, with her husband. Check this link for her blog post, Both of us had different type of room, as I was a solo traveler.

To those who wish to visit Resort Suites using public transportation, you can just take KTM from anywhere and stop at Setia Jaya Station. Then, transit to BRT and get down at Sunway Lagoon Station. Resort Suite is located just next to Sunway Resort. Pretty easy, isn't it?

Wonderful stay after long week of work. Putting on my shorts and turn off the lights, leaving only some dim yellow lights. When I glare out the window, I could see the sight of Sunway Lagoon and the rest of the city.

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." - Sydney J. Harris

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

1st Anniversary @ Klang Parade

I assume everyone in KL or Selangor knows every good place to shop. I mean, there are like hundreds of malls or shopping streets for you to choose from. Ranging from Starhill to Petaling Street, just decide on what kind of shopping mode you wish to have, and you'll actually have it.

Well, those big names are quite common, aren't they? Maybe we should go slightly further to the left of Klang Valley.

Klang Parade,an entertainment hub that nestled in the middle of the retro shop lots, catering to savvy shoppers everywhere. some would ask, how's the crowd? one thing I can assure, the shops there weren't set up for nothing. The attraction in Klang Parade are pretty interesting. Filled with numbers at big names and brands, this place could never turn dull.

Klang Parade had just turned one-year-old last weekend. In conjunction of that, there were few events held to celebrate the glory of it. At the same time, Klang Parade celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the visitors.

Awesome performances by Chen Xiao Fei, Chen We Zi, Rejuvenate Dance Crew and many more, rook place and enlightened the entire weekend. As for myself, I was lucky enough to catch up with these lovely Hokkien singers. Totally appreciate the autograph.

And of course, that isn't it. There were more than just performances. Some of us actually had the chance to play with the activities around. "Spin & Win", and you could probably win a Perodua Axia. That sounds pretty good to me.

Yeah,maybe if you stick around on the next anniversary, there could be more free gift.

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Crazy Bite @ Subang Jaya

Are you guys up for some crazy-licious meals? Now stay with me for the review in The Crazy Bite restaurant.

I believe everybody in this damn world loves burgers and pizzas and pastas. These Italian meals, they're just everywhere. It's pretty to find them, but do you know where are the good ones at? I do. A13, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya. Good address for a new business.

One thing that I like about this restaurant, is the young and funky theme. Pink, yellow and green, compulsory colors that delighted our life when we were younger. The Crazy Bites' targets are the families around Subang Jaya and SS15. So it might be a great idea for you to bring along your children next time.

My personal favorite among all those crazy menus, the pasta. Most of the time when I go around for cafe-hopping, the only thought that came to me when they said affordable pasta, is that the taste would be totally plain. As if a good pasta should come with a huge price. But let me share with you something, for a cafe, RM15 pasta deserves a great taste too. That is exactly the price that The Crazy Bites is offering. Check out these photos. I was lucky to be served with this Chicken Carbonara and Seafood Olio. And my personal favorite, Clam Olio. Specially made sauce mixed together with clam juice and olive oil, and some herbs too. As result, The sauce tastes like salty seawater with herbal fragrance, exactly how I like it. One more thing, with an additional RM3, you could actually make it into a meal.

Of course, those aren't just it. They have plenty more selection for you to choose from. If you're a meat-lover, try out their Signature Beef Burger. If you're a vegetarian, take the Apple-mushroom Burger. And if you wish to share your meal, these assorted-flavored pizza will suit well, and they come together with sweet potatoes.

As mentioned by the owners, The Crazy Bites got its meat and veges supplies from the Halal suppliers. So you guys could lower down the doubts and maximize your excitement eating there. Check out their Facebook page here. The Crazy Bites.

I guess that's it for this time. Stay tune for my next update. If you're lucky enough, you will probably see me enjoying my good time in a 5 stars resort.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Celebrity Close Up - Alvin Chong

Hi there, fellow fans of Rakoli. Lol, like I have any.

My first time ever to be interviewing Malaysian celebrity. I did some movie reviews before this, but none gave me the chance to meet up the actors and actresses in person. What a shame. Fear no more, though, dear fans. This time around, I got myself a super close up with a local Chinese singer. Young and adorable, Alvin Chong.

After making his debut on 2009, Alvin Chong has been around in local music industry for half a decade now. And few years back, he had participated in his first picture and currently being active in both music and film industry.

During the interview he told the media that his latest album, Born This Way, was intended to showcase to his fans how much he had gone through. Over these few years, he has transformed from a regular boy-next-door, to a matured young man. Therefore, he wants the fans to expect the genre that he's doing will have a huge turn.

Being in the springtime of his life, Alvin is confident that he will stay around in the music industry for the next ten years. Comparing to filming, music is his passion. Through music, he could channel out every deep thought and have everybody listening to it. In additional, he mentioned that himself is quite introverted. Due to that, music helps him to get in touch with the crowd outside his reach.

Personally, it was my honor to have this interview. I mean, what else could be the best way to get to know others more. I love the fact that even when I sat slight further during the interview, Alvin would fully answer each and every of my questions. Not trying to be mean, but some celebs tend to ignore my question. Poor myself.

When I asked Alvin on his recent activity during the Independence Day, he mentioned that he'd made a song cover of "Anak Orang Kampung". And you know what, it was pretty cool. I knew the song, but little did I know, they had a Merdeka version. Check out the video below. And you know what's more cooler than this? He told me how much he had loved one of Rossa's song "Pudar". Like seriously, mind blown. I can't even.

That's it for this time guys. Stay tune for more of my post. And if we're lucky, maybe I'll be interviewing Siti Norhaliza and Macklemore. I can see the dream there, tears.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Magnum Party @ KL

Can I get some cheers for the white-chocolate lovers out there? Behold, the new creation of Magnum has arrived. And can you believe it? It is all in white.

Just last week, Magnum has released their new flavor - white chocolate with heavy load of almonds. Each bite tastes as if you were being lured into an imaginary world and white chocolate by Magnum is the only thing you need in life. Sounds spooky and exaggerated, but it makes sense.

Anyways, I had a good time in that new-launch party. Magnum sure knows how to organize an awesome party. Free flow of white Magnum and abundance of desserts. There were free alcohol as well. I didn't have any, though. Never did, never will.

There you go, my mentor again - Wendy Pua. We attended the party together. It was a nice meeting after weeks of being busy with work. We got to meet up and I truly appreciate that this party could provide us the opportunity.

My last photo, I was in my office attire, with my adorable sling-bag. I just got out from work. But yeah, blogging is just way to fun to miss out. It worth the fatigue.