Monday, 31 August 2015

Voluntourism @ Bagan Lalang , Sepang

Have you ever been to the far end of Sepang? There is actually a resort there. Yes, I heard about it before, but never occurred to me that the resort is that gorgeous. Starting from the rear of the land, Avani Sepang Gold Coast stretches out hundreds of meters above the sea water and it spreads out like a palm tree in the end. Lucky me, MaT1C took us for a buffer lunch there. Yummy!

Check this photo out, my one and only mentor, Wendy Pua. I was kind of shy, no photo of me was taken there. Lol.

But hold up! Why was I even there in the first place? Ow snap! Let us rewind, shall we?

Just last week, Malaysia Tourism Center (MaT1C) had invited some of the bloggers and medias to cover the Voluntourism Program by Puspanita 1M4U, at Bagan Lalang, Sepang.

It was kind of nice seeing the young people, working hand in hand to clean up our seashore. Well, I'm not saying that people are disgusting. Pfft! Not a slight of that. It's pretty normal for some places to get dirty over a period of time. And what can we do about it? We plan an initiative and clear 'em up, doug!

Chief Secretary of Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan, Ybhg. Tan Sri Dr. Ong Hong Peng, and Chairperson of Puspanita Cawangan Kementerian Pelancongan & Kebudayaan, Ybhg. Puan Sri Ng Lai Hong, both came to assist the young volunteers from multiple local universities.

The Voluntourism didn't only focus on cleaning up the beach, as they went deeper into village to help up in beautifying the local Desa Bagan Lalang Library . One cool thing about this library, is that the designs were entirely in wooden architecture. And the reading materials, not just simply 'Hunger Games' or 'Divergent'. Most of them were either Islamic Studies, or local writings. Still cool, though.

In between the activities, visitors could spend little of their time in the little bazaar, where they showcased some of local handcrafts, such as Batik and Orang Asli Origami. Aside from them, the bazaar was a perfect for some young entrepreneurs to display their talents. For local comic-lovers, Teh Tarik was there and they had promotions for the books as well.

They told me this isn't the first time for them to organize such an event. Tourism in Malaysia consists way too many things. So for now, I'm only showing you this. Stay tune for more of my reviews.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

31st of August - Our Independence Day

Malaysia nowadays is being portrayed as a middle-class country with low transparency. Well, I'm not a politician, but I am a Malaysian. Practically, I have the right to say something about it. As far as my concern, I just hope to get things right in this country. God knows how much I love it. It's my home-country and this will be the place where I want to spend my last moments at.

Just the other day my friend shared a video of this fantastic dance group - Rejuvenate Dance Group. Young and Energetic. These people traveled to every state of this nation and they showcase their dance routine on each of the local attractions. My hometown - Johor Bahru, was shown in the video as well. Did you see that Puteri Harbor? I used to work there.

It's such an amazing feeling watching this group of teenagers dance around the awesome places and it had me thought that there are actually some part of this nation that can still be saved. The beauty of Malaysia, it doesn't just contain the tourism. The youth, or just the people in general, plays a big part in growing this country. Look at those smiles in that video. Work together as Malaysians and fight our way to keep those smiles, regardless of how much we are being oppressed.

I have friends all over the world and I still remember the time when I was studying in China, I was the only Malaysian student in the college. None of my friends were familiar with my home-country. Yes, they heard the name. But how does the real thing look like? I may not be the best Malaysian they had ever met, but I had served my duty of being a loyal citizen and told them each and every good side of it. Like seriously, I'd made two presentation in class just to explain the best of Malaysia. With my brilliant brain and voice of marketing, I can say yes, they were all fascinated by the presentations.

This four-minute video has a strong message for every Malaysian. Let us welcome 31st of August, our very Independence Day with the heart of patriotism. May odd be in our favor. God bless Malaysia!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Metropark Bazaar @ Subang

Have you been to the recent housing project in Subang, Metropark? You should really give it a try someday. Modern concept of lifestyle, along with the well-developed surroundings. It will give you a 110% of serenity by strolling within the area.

This project is set to be completed around the year 2023. While  we await for the year to come, the management of Metropark has planned for a couple more activities. So, in between the project completion and now, you could enjoy some other great events and activities by Metropark.

I was invited for their recent event last Sunday, the Metropark Bazaar. It was one of the Bazaars that Metropark will be organizing on the coming months. The idea is to keep up the interaction with the precious customers and at the same time, entertain you and your family with some of local musicians and artists, along with rows of mouth-watering desserts and treats.

These are some of the spotlights that we had during the afternoon there.

It doesn't matter which event you attend, chocolate cake is a must. And this little choco fudge, melts you taste bud away. 

You can't just have local treats, can you? Shawarma is a must for middle-eastern delights.

Taiwanese hot-dogs? My personal suggestion, try out the garlic hot-dog.

Another good choice for carbs-lover. Lol.

Let us spend some times looking into these health products. Natural Living.

Some handsome-looking bakeries.

Would you like some mini pines, sir? 

It basically says that  you should give it a try. And ow, it's a home-made Tou Fu Fa.

Some hijabs or scarfs, perhaps?

Soft-tasty cakes with assorted flavors, and all of them were below RM10.

They even had PAWS. Ow, can I keep it?

There you go, that was what  basically happening in the Bazaar. I admit my bad, though, for not taking any good photos of the musicians. They were awesome, by the way. And the afternoon was filled with their lovely singing, drumming and 'guitaring'.

So yeah. That's all from me for this post. Happy reading y'all.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Fierce Curry House @ Bangsar

Are you into some fierce-tasting cooking? Now let's try this out, Fierce Curry House in Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar. A curry house that specially brought to you from North India. Awesome amount of spices in every dishes and delightful taste in every bite, a perfect diner for those who crave for heavy Indian-cooking.

It was a night of good food and fun as FoodPanda treated its blogger friends to a scrumptious dinner at Bangsar’s famed Fierce Curry House and a screening of the action-packed superhero flick, Fantastic 4. 

Bloggers were invited to try the food at one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Bangsar, namely Fierce Curry House. Fierce is well-known for its high-quality Hyderabadi style biryanis. No stranger to accolade, Fierce has been serially recognised by Timeout KL, having been nominated & named as best curry house consecutively from 2012 to 2014, whilst up for the same title again in 2015. Quality & consistency is certainly a Fierce hallmark.

On my last visit, they served us with their signature Briyani and Masala Chicken. Believe it or not, it had me realized that these two create a superb combination. If you think Masala Chicken isn't spicy enough, try it with a spicy Briyani. It would blow away your taste buds.

One of their best-seller, the Lobster Briyani, was said to be the most attractive point of this diner. Hiding below the pile of Briyani, this lobster is set to prey the heart of Indian-food lover, making them to long for more of these dishes.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Event of the Year - KL City Grand Prix

Can somebody point me one thing that people mostly come to watch the Grand Prix for. Fast car? Flashing speed? Hot babes? Or just simply because of the hype? If you asked me, I would say the gathering, crowds of city people assembling and meet each other up and rave over the rapid race on track. The noise and those berserk screams, they were fantastic.

My last entry on the KL City Grand Prix, was only focusing on the reasons why they held this event, as I had no clue on how the whole thing would look like. Therefore, I invited a friend of mine, whose a fan of this man-machine sports.

One thing I can assure you, when it comes to organizing street races, the entire scenery would be different. I'm talking about the schedule, the track, the view, the live tele-cast, the crowd and so on. None of it would look the same comparing to the race in Sepang. Well, at least the racers remain.

My friend told me that in Sepang, the audience were given with earplugs to protect themselves from the overload noise made by the cars. However, in this recent street race, we were not given with any of those as the cars, including the Lamborghini's, weren't running in full speed. But hell, I still nearly lost hearing to it. It was as if somebody threw an explosive stuff right in front of us and we watched it without being insured with any safety measures. I walked away, though, in the middle of the Lamborghini race. I was in hurry.

Another thing that I enjoyed while watching the race, the excited crowd. For most of the time when they held a race in Sepang, only those who could afford or the race-car enthusiasts would go and get the tickets. But this time around, it was opened for everyone. I've got admit that I was truly entertained by the crowds on sidewalks. Neither of them were enthusiasts, nor the one who could afford the tickets, they came down to the city-center just to have some good time with their mates and peers while cheering over the legalized street race. And by the way, it is absolutely wrong in Malaysia, to stand on the curb and witness any illegal street race in first hand. Either you'll be jailed, or you'll get a juvenile summon.

Anyways, these are some photos of me and my sweet pal, whole certainly knows then times more than me on the regards of Grand Prix.

"Are those F1 cars?"

"They're F3."

"But they don't have tires."

** Face-palm.

Great weekend I had, I would have stayed till dusk if it wasn't because of other event. Loose down your worries, I'm pretty sure they'll be more good stuff to come. So next time when you want to go and watch a legalized street race, go with your loved ones. You'll have a splendid time together.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Movie - 破风 To The Fore

I love watching Mandarin movie. Cuz' you know why? I don't need that damn subtitle to understand it. Lol.

Now let's talk about this newly released movie, "破风 To The Fore". Hold up, what's that even mean?

Basically this movie is all about the life of a group of professional cyclist. Starring Eddie Peng, Shawn Dou and Chou Si-Won, these three protagonists devoted their life to the Road Bicycle Race. This movie shows the value of self-sacrifice and team-work in order to win the tournament.

Each team is formed with different positions of player, which in this movie, they focus mostly on telling the story of the sprinter/striker and the wind-breaker. Every one knows that each position in a sports group holds a great importance, though audience tend to appreciate the only person who stands out - the striker.

Catch up this new movie in the theater nearby. Find out who decided to become whose wind-breaker. What made them realize that self-sacrifice is way more important than the glory and fame.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Kid's TV Show with Disney Junior and Petrosains

Sometimes when life turns out awful, you wish you could turn back the time and return to your childhood, where pain was only caused by bicycle accident and cry was triggered by your parents for not letting you to have candies. Everything was pretty sunshine back then. Well, I wouldn't say it was impossible.

Disney Junior's "Miles from Tomorrowland" an intergalactic adventure series, blasts off 17 August at 9 am on Disney Junior (Astro Channel 613). This brand new program for kids aged 2-7 incorporates unique space and science facts as it charts the outer space missions of young adventurer Miles Callisto and his family.

The Callisto family includes mom and ship captain, Phoebe; mechanical engineer dad, Leo; tech-savy big sister, Loretta; and best friend pet robo-ostrich, Merc. Together, they explore new galaxies filled with peculiar aliens, space-age vehicles and high-tech gadgets. They will take young viewers and their families on a futuristic journey while at the same time reminding them the importance of what lies close to home - the family bond.

In anticipation of the series launch, the search is on for Disney Junior's Space Adventures across Southeast Asia! Kids aged 2-7 are encouraged to create they very own Starjetter - an exploratory spaceship that the Callisto family use for their short space trips. Familues in Malaysia may head down to Petrosains, The Discovery Centre at Level 4, Suria KLCC from 1 August 2015 to check out special Miles from Tomorrowland-themed activities! Just simply click for the more info,

I had a wonderful time there, being a kid for a day, though most of the bloggers were either mama's or married couple. I was there alone, it was terribly awkward. But no fear my fellow readers. I was there for multiple reasons - one of it was for the Petrosains. It's literally a combination of the word "Petronas" and "Science".

It took me completely back to the time when I first visited Chongqing Science and Technology Museum. I was only in my final year of high school and that little trip had given me a different view in science. With all various kind of interactive programs and games, I leaned pretty much everything they exhibited.

Same thing applies here in Petrosains KLCC. It's not just all exhibition and gallery. Kids don't find that fun any longer. Informative, but seriously not fun.

There was this one machine in Petrosains, which I found absolutely brilliant. The machine was designed for two people and we had to sit face to face across a long rectangular table. Inside the glass table, they place an iron ball which could be moved using your mind. Yeah, I freaking said it, with you MIND! Literally mind blowing. We had to strap a specially made headband and this device allowed us to control the iron ball with the wave in our brain. In another word, the calmer you get, the further the ball will roll. Awesome!

This place has been around for quite sometimes and it's been a great attraction for all the visitors in KL, including my very self. Stay tune for more of my reviews on some other topics. Thanks for reading this y'all!