Sunday, 27 March 2016

Not Guangzhou Again

"Not Guangzhou again?" was all I heard every time I announced my next trip to people around. I had gone there twice, but that doesn't mean I should stop visiting. Am I right?

Guangzhou may not be the best city China could offer, but I'm a guy with heavy sentimental issue, so this third trip I had a month ago was quite meaningful. I, personally, feel that it's not fun if you travel around places in a short period. Because I've meet people like that, they just don't care much about that particular destination they were visiting. All they wanted was to be there. Took some photos and selfies, and left. So much for a traveling experience huh?

If you asked me, I would say that my personal aim in traveling, was to understand every little details about the place I was visiting. For instance, why did I visit the Great Wall in Beijing for, like, three time? Because I loved the feeling of standing on top of that wall. The view was gorgeous. And that particular when I get to walk along the wall without much people around, God knows how much I loved. During my third visit, I started to ignore my camera. I just wanted to enjoy my short stay there.

Now let's talk about the places that I went in Guangzhou. The three photos above, that's Beijing Pedestrian Street. And the two below, are the views around Pearl River, with a tiny sight of Canton Tower. These two places, they're just right next to each other. So when you've done walking past the Beijing Street, take a relaxing time and stroll along the Pearl Riverside. They didn't have much activities around when I was there, but it perfect spot to chill with my friends. Grab a bag walnut or Longan fruit from a stall nearby, and simply sit back and enjoy the cool breeze from the river. What a time.

For those of you who are wondering, what does Beijing Street have? Well, it's a pretty much a shopping street. You could get plenty of stuff with both expensive and cheap price, you've just got to look for them. If you were planning to go there by subway, just get down at the Beijinglu Station, and wala, you just got yourself the starting point of this street.

It was my first time to visit Guangzhou in Februrary. So now I understood why people call it a semi-tropical region, the rain just didn't want to stop. Having a temperature between 10 to 15 degrees was already cold for me. So a mixture of rainy day and that temperature, it was a damn winter to me.

One thing about having a rainy day that I like in general, not just Guangzhou, is that the street view looks different. And the way I look at it, it's beautiful. Gloomy, yet the street seems pretty much alive with people bustling around. I wanted to call it world's busiest city, but these people would end their work and go home when it hit 6 pm. They're being pretty punctual.

Okay, one last thing I want to share - Halal food. Ow lord! That was my favorite when visiting China. The Xinjiang, Turkish and Arab restaurant there, they were simply awesome. If you were a lamb or mutton lover, these types of restaurant served the best grilled meat you could ever asked for. Mutton skewer from Xinjiang restauurant, my dearest food when I first stepped into the land of China. Until now, I still long for the taste and smell of it from my home.

I guess that's it for this post. Of course, I'm not going to share everything in one single. Just wait for the next. I suppose there will be, like, two or three more posts about Guangzhou. Stay tune guys.


  1. Akak dah sampai Guangzhou 2012, best..cuma problem makanan je

    1. haa nice. Sbnarnya makanan muslim banyak kat situ, setiap lorong ada. Slalu nye ada tulis "Assalamualaikum" atao "Mee Tarik" dalam bahasa Cina.

  2. AsSalam, cantik2 gambar yang anda share.
    Bunda baru kenali anda melalui rancangan tv AlHijrah pagi tadi.

    Tahniah atas penghasilan blog travellog anda. Semoga lebih maju jaya dalam kerjaya anda.

    1. Thanks Bunda_Nura. Sy appreciate sgt sbb sudi singgah baca travellog saya :)