Friday, 2 October 2015

Resort Suites @ Bandar Sunway

To be honest, I stay in Sunway. More precisely, in Mentari area. But you know what, there's no harm trying out the hotel or resort nearby. And if you go slightly deeper, you might as well find something that you would never realize during your daily routine.

Tourists who wish to stay around Sunway for a couple of days or perhaps a week, most of them would probably choose Sunway Resort. And that's for the same reason, it is accessible by public transportation, it has a bigger name and they felt the security in choosing the right hotel. But little did they know, there is a way to reduce the cost and still having the same amount of enjoying.

With only RM199, I could get all of these - a complete set of mini-home that came together with kitchen equipment, a full set of toilet and bathroom, a dining table for four, a reading desk and a couch, an LCD TV and a comfortable king-size bed. God knew how much I enjoyed my stay for the two days.

A cool concept by Resort Suites, mixing the residential apartments and hotel suites in a single building. It kind of makes the whole atmosphere feels like a comfy housing area, rather than hotel. During daylight, you could probably bump into the people who reside on the top floor. Great way to make friends if you were a traveler.

Awesome night I had. Thanks to my lady friend here, for accompanying me at dinner. Don't get jealous with those things on our table, though. It took only the two of us to finish everything. Meaning, hell it was good! And a good friend of mine. She was there too, with her husband. Check this link for her blog post, Both of us had different type of room, as I was a solo traveler.

To those who wish to visit Resort Suites using public transportation, you can just take KTM from anywhere and stop at Setia Jaya Station. Then, transit to BRT and get down at Sunway Lagoon Station. Resort Suite is located just next to Sunway Resort. Pretty easy, isn't it?

Wonderful stay after long week of work. Putting on my shorts and turn off the lights, leaving only some dim yellow lights. When I glare out the window, I could see the sight of Sunway Lagoon and the rest of the city.

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." - Sydney J. Harris


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