Sunday, 18 October 2015

Shogun2U - The Latest Food Delivery System

Did you guys know that Shogun actually giving a 40% off on each of their food. Seriously, like if you ordered a RM25 bento set, the amount you finally had to pay, is RM15. Mind blown! They're extending the promotion till 15th November, and if you were melted by the cuteness of those tiny limited edition pandas, order it now as they too will be extended for another 500 orders.

There's a cache, though. Order the delivery through online. Click this link for it, Shogun2U Online Delivery.

Founder of Shogun & Saisaki shared with fellow bloggers on the secret of their generosity and huge success. It came to me as a shock when they said Shogun had found a third generation of food delivery service, or a new form of franchise system, which had benefited them vastly over the few months.

The idea was pretty simple - They organized a single kitchen, or they called it 'main kitchen' (located in Kuchai Lama) and had all the finest chef to cook there. So every time a customer books a food online, they will have the chef personally cooks it and will be sent to the customer's doorstep. Just in case if you want to know how far could they deliver, let me tell you, ENTIRE KLANG VALLEY.

I had my food delivered just last week and it came to my house just how I expected - fragrant and tasty-looking. And for sure, this won't be my last order.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

General Review - Chinese Education

Just sharing some of my thoughts and insights. Like it if you ever felt the same way before.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Systema Roadshow @ One Utama

Frankly speaking, I do have oral problem. Well, nothing major about it. It just that, my breath stinks a bit when I don’t eat in a long time and if I use hard-bristle toothbrush, it would hurt my gum. Eventually, it bleed.

So every time when I go for toiletries, I would look for toothbrushes with particular requirement. Two things that I ask for in a toothbrush - soft bristle and good tongue cleaner.

I realized that my breath issue mostly came from the back of my tongue. So a good cleaner could solve it all. Also, I'm a frequent user of toothbrush. Meaning that I brush my teeth more than twice a day. So it's very important for me to get a soft and good toothbrush to avoid any injuries to my gum.

Well, those are just my little problem to take it too light, though. If I’m not going to take some care on it, it might get even worse. Like maybe people would think that I keep a skunk in my mouth. Gross.

So just last week, I went to a roadshow by Systema and they gave me a sample to try out their latest creation. The design was kind of the same, but the bristle wasn’t. I mean, it was shorter and slimmer. And you know, they had a super tender tongue cleaner. I was pretty surprised with it and tried out the cleaner as soon as I got it. It was indeed soft.  What can I say, I love weird stuff.

Have a try this on this new creation, Systema 3D Clean. For a good toothbrush, the price isn’t that expensive. I mean RM11.50 for a brush that cleans your mouth entirely, think of how worthy that investment would be. And I heard they’re selling it so well in Japan.

0.02 mm super slim bristle that would never hurt your gum. Hmm, I like the sound of that. And if you notice over these few years, Systema had designed multiple types of toothbrushes. Look at those designs. Interested, aren’t they? My previous favorite was Spiral. Great concept in penetrating and cleaning your tooth gap.

So yeah, they were kind enough to give me a free toothbrush. Even if they weren’t giving, I would still buy it anyway.

Stay tune for my next blog post. I don’t know yet what to post. Perhaps something silly, perhaps something awesome. You’d never know.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Resort Suites @ Bandar Sunway

To be honest, I stay in Sunway. More precisely, in Mentari area. But you know what, there's no harm trying out the hotel or resort nearby. And if you go slightly deeper, you might as well find something that you would never realize during your daily routine.

Tourists who wish to stay around Sunway for a couple of days or perhaps a week, most of them would probably choose Sunway Resort. And that's for the same reason, it is accessible by public transportation, it has a bigger name and they felt the security in choosing the right hotel. But little did they know, there is a way to reduce the cost and still having the same amount of enjoying.

With only RM199, I could get all of these - a complete set of mini-home that came together with kitchen equipment, a full set of toilet and bathroom, a dining table for four, a reading desk and a couch, an LCD TV and a comfortable king-size bed. God knew how much I enjoyed my stay for the two days.

A cool concept by Resort Suites, mixing the residential apartments and hotel suites in a single building. It kind of makes the whole atmosphere feels like a comfy housing area, rather than hotel. During daylight, you could probably bump into the people who reside on the top floor. Great way to make friends if you were a traveler.

Awesome night I had. Thanks to my lady friend here, for accompanying me at dinner. Don't get jealous with those things on our table, though. It took only the two of us to finish everything. Meaning, hell it was good! And a good friend of mine. She was there too, with her husband. Check this link for her blog post, Both of us had different type of room, as I was a solo traveler.

To those who wish to visit Resort Suites using public transportation, you can just take KTM from anywhere and stop at Setia Jaya Station. Then, transit to BRT and get down at Sunway Lagoon Station. Resort Suite is located just next to Sunway Resort. Pretty easy, isn't it?

Wonderful stay after long week of work. Putting on my shorts and turn off the lights, leaving only some dim yellow lights. When I glare out the window, I could see the sight of Sunway Lagoon and the rest of the city.

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." - Sydney J. Harris