Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Biker Kental Theater @ Istana Budaya

Anyone here ever been to Istana Budaya? No? Anyone? Well, same goes to me. Rumors told that this place is a total fable. 'Cuz ya know, this whole was built like a castle, and the attendees in the events, they are all celebrities or names that people adore. Not that I will never be adored, but it seemed to me pretty bizarre last time I visited this place.

Anyways, I did not go to this amazing Istana Budaya to see those people, I was there for a theater, a comedy theater to be more precise. "Bikers Kental", a local comedy theater starring nation most 'notorious' stars - Zizan and Awie. These two people totally reminded me of, I mean it, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. A combination of silly and serious. As a result, they got a total hilarious duo.

The sounds effect was good, the sitting was comfy, the stage was moderately huge and story was hilarious. What else could I possibly be asking for more? They're still showing it in Istana Budaya, just in case some of you happen to plan to watch it. If you were the type of people who enjoy relaxing comedy, this would suit you best.

Ticket fare starts from RM45, RM65, RM95, RM125, RM155, RM185 and RM305. You can easily get it via www.redtixairasia.com, or simply go to Box Office ticket counter in Istana Budaya.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nanafa Beauty HQ

Okay. This is seriously my first time to review a beauty product, so be kind with me. LOL!

I was introduced last week with this new product by a new brand, at least to me it was new, namely Nanafa Juta Beauty HQ, or simply Nanafa Beauty.

They allowed me to do a simple review on their top-seller Blanco Set. "Blanco" means whitening in Spanish, so basically this is beauty set for you to get rid of your dull and darken skin. Heavy sunlight could easily destroy your skin cells, leaving a layer of dead skin. And the funny thing is, this dead skin is not removable unless you go through some spa or beauty treatment.

This Blanco Set comes with a serum and a soap, which to assist you as below:

- Get rid of acne and pimple
- Lighten acne scar
- Even skin tone
- Hydration
- Minimize pore size
- Detoxing

Secondly, the bottle that I'm holding, that was the thing I found most interesting. That's a men's wash. Not a men's face wash, a men's wash. Sort of like a fem wash, but for dudes. And I'm not kidding. LOL!

Guys too, require some specific body care. And when you use this was, it will give you a cool refreshing feeling, as it contain multiple materials that are good for your skin.

- Betain, provide anti-septic effect to kill unwanted bacteria.
- Piper Betle Leaf Extract, to reduce skin inflammation and relieve itching.
- Glycerine, removing impurities on the surface of cells and lighten skin color.
- Sea Salt, to sooth irritated skin.
- Catuaba Extract, increase penis size growth (interesting huh?) and prevent prostate cancer.
- Menthol Crystal, increases blood flow.

This product has no Sles, Paraben, nor Silicon. And they're basically registered under Ministry of Health Malaysia.

For more info, you may click here Nanafa Beauty Facebook / Nanafa Beauty Instagram

Agrofarm Stay @ Melacca

God! It's been sooo long since my last vacation. My last "work-trip" to China was not considered as vacation.

I'm more kind of guy whose always in the hunt. I don't like sitting around and do nothing. Lay down on the beach and sip on sunshine, while knowing that I haven't yet done much. Hell that's not me!

Anyways, my deepest gratitude to Kelab Blogger Ben Ashari for inviting me to this 2-day and 1-night stay at this wonderful homestay, Agrofarm Stay @ Skill-Tech, Melacca. The main reason I went to that place was to participate in a photographer seminar. See? Even when I'm out for vacation, I'm still working. But during our free time, mostly during the early morning and late evening, we got to utilize and enjoy the facilities around.

Now let's proceed with the only thing I do best - describing the details of what I like and what I don't.

First on my list, was the morning breeze. Imagine this - you usually woke up to a dusty air of KL and no matter how hard you try to avoid it, you just can't. The air in Agrofarm Stay is the total opposite. You will never want to stop breathing that air.

Secondly, was the design. Funny thing about architecture in rural places, is that they tend to make the houses super cute. That pinky building is actually a karaoke lounge. You wouldn't know if I didn't say it, would you? You can rent the space at anytime during your stay.

Third was my personal favorite - hill slope, trees and river. I said it before that I was born in a Johor Bahru City, and currently working in KL. So you see, none of those places had ever been known for greenery. Perhaps they do have some, but not as much as what I've seen in Agrofarm Stay. I just love green stuff.

Lastly, was the activities that you could organize there. If you were planning for family trio, you could get wet with your kids in the pool and jog around the hill or farm. If you were to organize a seminar or training session, you could really use meeting room or the seminar room. They're enough to fit a large group of people. Some people even had private wedding within this compound.

Okay, enough with the bragging. Now allow me to be fair with my opinion and express my concern about this place. Because everything in this planet has it's flaw and Agrofarm Stay isn't excluded.

First, was the Wi-Fi. Like seriously, do not pack up your whole bunch of IT gadget and intend to make use of them without obstruction. 'Cuz you will face that problem even when you try to connect Google.

Another thing would be the insects. If you have some sort of phobia with tiny creatures, such as flies, mosquitoes, flying ants and moths, you really have to take note on it. They're not going to do you harm, but people with serious phobia will not survive this. It's a remote area covered with huge farm and deep woods, it's pretty normal for places like this in Malaysia to have bugs. They have squirrels, though. Jumping from trees to cable wires to roof top. Totally adorable.

So yeah, those are the things I found during my stay there. Do check this website out for booking, agrofarmstay.my, or you could just call this them up - +6012 2118246 / +6016 2098623

It's midnight now and I'm so damn tired. See yah!

Photography Lesson with Adhadi Mohd

So, I had a photography class. For those who are wondering, yes, I love photography and I'm intending to turn it into professional hobby. Maybe not around this time. It will take a whole ton of time to create a diamond out of a hill of dirt.

Last weekend, I went to Melaka for a quick gate-away. Two days and a night at Agrofarmstay @ Skill-Tech, Durian Tunggal. It was mainly because of this amazing class by Adhadi Mohd. A photography coach, whose been in the industry for almost ten years.

Three things that he emphasized during the entire lesson, were ISO, Aperture and Shuttle Speed. Let's just put them this way to control a photo's brightness:

ISO - Increasing this will cause your photo to be brighter, but with extra noise.

Aperture - Brighter aperture will require you to lower down this.

Shuttle Speed - The higher it got, the brighter a photo could be.

Great coach, amazing guy. My friends and I had a wonderful a-day session with him to polish our skills. I know most of you are not a fan of photography, and some of you don't even know the basic things about it. Well, I'm not going to waste my time on things people are unsure of. Instead, I'm going to share some of the stuff he said in class that really caught my attention. I believe it would help those who love taking selfie so much.

(1) "Photography is a medium for communication. Good messages can be channeled easily through good photos."

(2) "Focus on one story in one single photograph."

(3) "Brand or type of camera never matter in photography. Utilize what you have and improve from that."

(4) "Blogging is all about content, photographs are secondary."

(5) "Always on the move, keep looking for better background."

(6) "Give instruction to your model as if you are a puppeteer. Use your hands instead of words. It will ease your job abundantly."

(7) "Every photograph taken is based on lines. In your eye, there is a fine in between your pupil, iris and sclera. If the line was blurry, would it still look like an eye?"

(8) "Every photographers should be able to capture particular expression, or the connection between two subjects. That's why wedding photographers are damn expensive."

I guess that's enough for today. Find out more about him on his website, adhadi.com. I just got this new CD and will spend some quality time learning about lighting and shadow. It's going to be awesome.