Saturday, 23 April 2016

Mandarin Learning Center @ Johor Bahru

I've made a pretty clear point on how much people should study a second language. English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, anything, as long as you don't speak one single language. Your point of view will actually turn better by doing so.

As for my personal case, I learned English and Mandarin. Well, English is quite common in Malaysia. You could learn that during primary and high school. But Mandarin, on the other hand, is pretty much unreachable that people around start to think it's very impossible to learn. I mean, come on! Just because you can't get the solution, doesn't make the equation wrong.

My second brother, not going to say his name, though, is actually working in a Mandarin learning center. It's been few years now and he was glad to share that with me. Awesome design, office-looking furniture, and glass walls that make everything seem soothing. Soothing for what? To learn, of course!

I'd been there once and I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere. I mean, I'm a blogger, the first thing I would notice when walking into an establishment, was how the place made me feel. Did it make me terrified? Did it make me sick? Did it make me enlightened? Did it make me completely nuts? One thing I can assure you, this place made me feel smart. Yeah, laugh to that. Whatever. You won't be laughing anymore when you see me reading out a sentence of Mandarin characters. I already speak Mandarin, but you get my point.

Do you see that dude down there? That's my brother. And in case if you were wondering, my parents are white, therefore I have a white brother. I was adopted. Pffftt!

Okay, jokes aside, you know which dude is my real brother. But I am not going to talk about him now. Let's discover about this adorable-looking establishment, shall we?

Kunkwn is actally the first training center in Malaysia where the 'interactive learning' system is applied. Learning Chinese is made such easier and effective here because students are not only bestowed with freedom to choose form a wide range of courses and classes, but they can also enjoy all the facilities and activities organized by Kunkwan.

And by the way, Kunkwanization TM is the representation of their innovation teaching pattern in which the learning program is specially designed for Malaysian students. With, of course, reference to all successful Chinese courses offered in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and China, the courses also take into account of relevant subjects such as pedagogy, psychology and linguistics as the theoretical basis of Kunkwan's program.

In an easier explanation, Kunkwan will try their best to adapt your way of learning.

And for your kind info, those who had never tried this sort of program, you may actually try out their free class. (But take note that it's not repeatable.) It is 1-hour session named 'Super Saturday', mainly targeting the non-Mandarin speakers with huge interest in learning Mandarin.

The free class starts from 2.30 pm till 3.30 pm, on every Saturday. Don't forget to chill out afterward, though, as they're providing free refreshments for you to relax and explore around the learning center.

Kunkwan Internation Mandarin Training Centre (behind AEON Tebrau City)
Block E02-01 to E02-07, Jalan Harmonium 24/2,
Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahry, Johor.

Contact: 1700-816-861
Fax: +607-3512982
FB: Kunkwan


  1. 1. suasana tempat belajar (fasiliti) yang kemas dan menarik,
    2. kini bahasa ketiga dpt dipelajari dgn mudah..

  2. Salam siapa nk try package basic mandarin class kt kunkwan yg berharga rm600 selama sebulan dan mempuyai 4sesi (repeatable just pay admin fee).
    wssap saya =0142700643. anda akan dapat harga diskaun sebanyak rm450. PM