Sunday, 18 October 2015

Shogun2U - The Latest Food Delivery System

Did you guys know that Shogun actually giving a 40% off on each of their food. Seriously, like if you ordered a RM25 bento set, the amount you finally had to pay, is RM15. Mind blown! They're extending the promotion till 15th November, and if you were melted by the cuteness of those tiny limited edition pandas, order it now as they too will be extended for another 500 orders.

There's a cache, though. Order the delivery through online. Click this link for it, Shogun2U Online Delivery.

Founder of Shogun & Saisaki shared with fellow bloggers on the secret of their generosity and huge success. It came to me as a shock when they said Shogun had found a third generation of food delivery service, or a new form of franchise system, which had benefited them vastly over the few months.

The idea was pretty simple - They organized a single kitchen, or they called it 'main kitchen' (located in Kuchai Lama) and had all the finest chef to cook there. So every time a customer books a food online, they will have the chef personally cooks it and will be sent to the customer's doorstep. Just in case if you want to know how far could they deliver, let me tell you, ENTIRE KLANG VALLEY.

I had my food delivered just last week and it came to my house just how I expected - fragrant and tasty-looking. And for sure, this won't be my last order.

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