Friday, 24 July 2015

Upcoming Street Race @ KL City


I have never attended any racing or sports event before this. Concert and gig, those are even worse. I love all of these stuff, it just that, none of them ever took place in Johor Bahru. Ever since I moved to KL, things have definitely changed and I finally get the chance to see all of those.

The next event that I'm attending, Grand Prix Street Race, in the middle of KL City. If watching a private gig is kind of amazing, this is even better.

My only experience watching this F1 race was only on live telecast, or the tie when they showed it in the news for like three four minutes. Pretty sad, isn't it? But not this, kiddo! Cuz' you know why? I freaking got a VIP pass to watch this damn race. Tears, man.

From 7th till 9th August, mark you Google Calendar, because KL City will be trembled with the presence of racers from all over the globe. Including world-known racers like Craig Lowndes, Scott McLaughlin, Chaz Mostert, Will Davison and Todd Kelly.

KL City Grand Prix. A three day festival of super sports cars racing, on a 3.2 km circuit designed around the main streets around KLCC area, to be held between 7th to 9th August 2015. The event is organized by GT Global Race (M) Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

The Organizers have also entered into an agreement with Sepang International Circuit (SIC) to manage race operations for all the race to be held in the circuit over the three days of the KL City Grand Prix.

This is insanely hype. I just can't wait to be there. Try imagine this, me hanging around in the VIP area, watching the race while having all sort of fine desserts. On top of that, I will be given the top priority to meet those freaking racers. Isn't life just amazing?

For those still have no idea on what kind of activities or events they will have in these three days, check this out program schedule.

You know what's more hyping about this race? There is a concert on the final day of it. I am so there, dude. Take note on this, though, only those with the grand stand's tickets will be invited for this concert. In another word, purchasing that RM350 ticket totally worth a lot.

Just before the Eid festival, me and fellow bloggers attended an outdoor interview with this amazing racer, Alex Yoong. Charming guy indeed. Totally appreciate him for spending his time to explain the bits of this upcoming race.

Well, two weeks left before it starts. Make sure to stay tune for my next update on this event of the year.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Movie - Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit

My very first time to cover the screening for upcoming local movie. Special credits to Mamee Chef for this lovely invitation.

New movie by Metrowealth, directed by Eyra Rahman, is planned to be released in this coming Aidilfitri. Starring Nora Danish, Qi Razali, Shuk SYJ and Atikah Suhaime,

this romantic comedy is set to light up this festival season with the love story of two perfect strangers.

Asyikin ( Nora Danish ), the elder daughter of village chief and Awie ( Qi Razali )., a troublesome village young man, who apparently 'fell' from sky and came to sight with sweet innocent Asyikin.

"Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit" is said to be the 100th movie by Metrowealth International Group ( MIG ). During the press conference, Mejar ( K ) David Teo mentioned that it is a good luck sign and there will be more local films to be made in the future.

As a new comer to this brand new film industry, I am quite astounded by how well it's doing. There are things that I find pretty well-accomplished in this little industry, such as the tendency of comedy genre in local films and how good they're in it. If you were the type of guy who tend to laugh a lot, this movie would suite you well.

A little photo sharing, it could be one of my most exquisite photo this year ( after the one I had with my dear mom in Guangzhou ). Sweet Nora Danish with her gorgeous smile, what else could I ask for?

As a kid, I used to watch her first TV show 'Puteri' on TV3. She was very young back then, but her acting was brilliantly flawless. Standing next to her, I could see that her beauty isn't just physical. There's no surprise that she's gotten to where she is now.

Stay tune for more of my reviews on either travel, food or movie. There are plenty more to come. But for now, allow me to bid my goodbye to all of you.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Taste of Sweet Memory

Does anybody remember during the early years, when you could get a sweet simple Lontong with only RM1 on the street? I still, I was in primary school back then. Plain rice cake served with thick green sauce that consisted of long beans and cabbages. An inexpensive dish, yet it tasted as if it was made with glory.

I traveled to my primary school with my mom using motorbike, and most of the time, we would stop by a little stall that sold all sort of breakfast. My usual hand-pick, the little packet of greenish Lontong that had a little bit of peanut sauce in it. It was captivating.

This is exactly how I felt when my tongue tasted the soup of Mamee Chef Lontong for the first time. I've got to be frank, because the soup was glorious and it had nothing similar comparing to other flavors. The sweet and spicy aroma, blended together with coconut creamer.

Mamee Chef Lontong was developed and perfected by Dato' Chef Ismail over approximately 8 to 12 months and contains a blend of 8 widely-used spices and ingredients, including turmeric, dry ginger, galangal, lemongrass, key lime, candlenut and shrimp paste powder.

It also contains crustaceans for that added flavor. The highlight of this dish of course the special Lontong paste created by Dato' Chef Ismail himself to give this dish a distinctive taste - just as he has done for Mamee Chef's previous offerings. Each pack Mamee Chef Lontong also comes with additional condiments such as chilies and vegetables for a more authentic experience.

Furthermore, Mamee Chef Lontong could make a sweet dish to share during Hari Raya. Just imagine that all of you friends come by to visit and the moment they step into you home, the smell of fragrant Lontong welcomes their appetite. One thing I can assure, your friends will have that yearning desire for more after the first try.

Tune in to Mamee Chef's facebook page through this link, My Mamee Chef. You could get some of their new updates and promotions there.

Happy reading guys and have a great Aidilfitri!

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

P1 OMANITE @ Glenmarie

Another wonderful night out held by P1 for our beloved blogger community. A bit of appreciation from myself as this type of activity truly brings up the pride of being a blogger. As a new-joiner in this community, I feel quite attracted by the bond and interactions they have created over the few years. Practically P1 has collected bloggers all over the city and placed them under a single roof, and therefore you get to meet people with different background and interest.

Although my blog is mainly focuses in Travel, but it wouldn't do harm if I tried to outreach some other genres as well. After all, in order for you to grow, you will have to learn from others.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Kelantan Delight @ Ara Damansara

Being a Malaysian does not mean that you are well-aware of all the foods and gourmets all over the country. Malaysia practically has 13 states and that means it has 13 different cuisines. Well, to be more precise, we do have more than 13 if you include the ethnic and racial variances.

In my today's post, I'd like to share with you guys some of our east coast gourmet that I had earlier this week, Kelantan Delight. A restaurant that serves buffet with various kind of dishes from Kelantan state, ranging from the well-known Kerabu and Dagang rice to the uncommon dishes like Som Tham.

My personal favorite, the legendary Jala Mas. Sweet and milky Jala Mas. But why would it be legendary? Perhaps I'm just exaggerating stuff. From what I was told, this particular dessert is meant for some of glorious events or ceremonies in Kelantan. Don't get it wrong, though. Jala Mas isn't expensive, it just that it takes a long time to prepare this dessert. It has to be made with care and details. And you don't simply serve this type of dessert to a random meal.

For those in Petaling Jaya or anywhere near it, don't get hesitated to try this. I believe it's not just me who's never tried a pure east coast gourmet.

It was honor to be invited by the branch owner for this review. And the chef, he was absolutely marvelous. This delightful restaurant located at the ground floor of Citta Mall. The address is at Jalan PJU 1a/48, Pusate Perdagangan Dana 1, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

You may call to 03-78316152 for reservation or inquiries. Or you could tune in to their website at