Thursday, 31 December 2015

Cosplay @ Klang Parade

OMG! I really had fun editing these photos. It really reminds me of my childhood. I stopped enjoying anime and comics a couple years ago. 'Cause ya know, adulthood and responsibility took over my life. I had to put aside these fun stuff.

Anyways, this event brought up by Klang Parade and Cosplay Malaysia Community seriously had enlightened up my weekend. Seeing these amazing characters and Cosplay enthusiasts, I just couldn't stop myself from this hype.

Just look at those outfits, if the details didn't compel you to liking it, I don't know what else would.

This adorable contest was open for public participation, regardless of how amateur or skillful you are. Some had nearly five years of experience and some had like, a couple of month experience, but still causing some awesome rivalry. The main idea was to promote the sub-culture that had been trending for decades now. Creativity and passion, those are the concept that people could see in this event.

Seems pretty simple, isn't it? Well, you might want to reconsider that. 'Cause wearing only good outfit doesn't ensure you the champion title. Sort of like a beauty pageant, with wicked-looking costume of course, the judges were judging based on these following aspects:

    Costume       -  40%
    Catwalk        -  10%
    Creativity     -  20%
    Performance -  30%

Not very simple now huh?

The entire contest was pretty competitive. Even my friends and I couldn't decide on who should be the winner. But in the end, SORA & LINGERING WILL from 'Kingdom Hearts' took the champion title. MR. SATAN from 'Dragonball' got himself a second and UCHIHA MADARA from 'Naruto' got the third.

God I hope there will be more to come. Either personal or by invitation, I'm gonna anyway. This is just way to fun to be missed.

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