Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Morning After @ Damansara

I believe tons of people out there love cafe hopping. Jumping from a cafe to another, trying all sort of their tasty looking coffee or latte. But you know what I love do during cafe hopping - The Food!

Yeah, you read it right! I love coffee or latte, but not as much as I love eating good food. So what I'm about to show you here is the cafe I went last week. The name was The Morning After, a combination of relaxing cafe and European restaurant. Generous portion of food, great cook, fine taste. I wouldn't stop eating that night if I wasn't full.

Now let us start with the best-seller around here. Keep this in mind guys, the food here aren't that pricey and your looking at the range between RM15 to RM40. Totally how I would budget my meal. On top of our list, we've got this super appealing Soft-Shell Crab Pasta (RM34.00). If you loved the soft-shell crab they sold in Japanese Restaurant, you'd love this dish. Deep fried soft-shell crab served with bolognese pasta. Damn son! These drools are killing me.

Always stucked when choosing the menu. Well, in this cafe, you'll face that even more frequent. I mean, don't even think to come up with best answer without the help of professional. This cafe doesn't just serve main dishes. They also have desserts, breakfasts, cakes, all types of coffee and drinks. Even the main dishes themselves have multiple different choices, such as steak, spaghetti, salmon etc.

Okay, now ask me which dish I truly fell in love with. Ask me! The answer would be, Spaghetti with Basil Sauce and Grilled Chicken (RM25.00). I know that some people would say I'm kind of odd. Well, I am odd. I wouldn't suggest anyone who'd never try any European or Italian food before to order this. The main attraction of this spaghetti comes from the ingredient of the sauce, basil leaf. I love using basil leaves when I cook, so when I saw a new concept of making it into a sauce, I went frantic.

By the way, if any of you happened to meet this yellow-shirt man, say hi to him. He's the guy who invented the food we're all eating. Chef Man is a skilled chef with loads of previous experience in fine dining in Asia and Europe. That actually explains why the Basil Spaghetti tasted so freaking good.

So next time, if there is anyone visiting Sri Damansara, perhaps you could stop by at this cafe. They operating from 8 am daily. The address is at A-G-3, Ativo Plaza, Bandar Sri Damansara, Persiaran Perdana, 52200 KL.

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