Wednesday, 30 September 2015

1st Anniversary @ Klang Parade

I assume everyone in KL or Selangor knows every good place to shop. I mean, there are like hundreds of malls or shopping streets for you to choose from. Ranging from Starhill to Petaling Street, just decide on what kind of shopping mode you wish to have, and you'll actually have it.

Well, those big names are quite common, aren't they? Maybe we should go slightly further to the left of Klang Valley.

Klang Parade,an entertainment hub that nestled in the middle of the retro shop lots, catering to savvy shoppers everywhere. some would ask, how's the crowd? one thing I can assure, the shops there weren't set up for nothing. The attraction in Klang Parade are pretty interesting. Filled with numbers at big names and brands, this place could never turn dull.

Klang Parade had just turned one-year-old last weekend. In conjunction of that, there were few events held to celebrate the glory of it. At the same time, Klang Parade celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the visitors.

Awesome performances by Chen Xiao Fei, Chen We Zi, Rejuvenate Dance Crew and many more, rook place and enlightened the entire weekend. As for myself, I was lucky enough to catch up with these lovely Hokkien singers. Totally appreciate the autograph.

And of course, that isn't it. There were more than just performances. Some of us actually had the chance to play with the activities around. "Spin & Win", and you could probably win a Perodua Axia. That sounds pretty good to me.

Yeah,maybe if you stick around on the next anniversary, there could be more free gift.

Friday, 25 September 2015

The Crazy Bite @ Subang Jaya

Are you guys up for some crazy-licious meals? Now stay with me for the review in The Crazy Bite restaurant.

I believe everybody in this damn world loves burgers and pizzas and pastas. These Italian meals, they're just everywhere. It's pretty to find them, but do you know where are the good ones at? I do. A13, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya. Good address for a new business.

One thing that I like about this restaurant, is the young and funky theme. Pink, yellow and green, compulsory colors that delighted our life when we were younger. The Crazy Bites' targets are the families around Subang Jaya and SS15. So it might be a great idea for you to bring along your children next time.

My personal favorite among all those crazy menus, the pasta. Most of the time when I go around for cafe-hopping, the only thought that came to me when they said affordable pasta, is that the taste would be totally plain. As if a good pasta should come with a huge price. But let me share with you something, for a cafe, RM15 pasta deserves a great taste too. That is exactly the price that The Crazy Bites is offering. Check out these photos. I was lucky to be served with this Chicken Carbonara and Seafood Olio. And my personal favorite, Clam Olio. Specially made sauce mixed together with clam juice and olive oil, and some herbs too. As result, The sauce tastes like salty seawater with herbal fragrance, exactly how I like it. One more thing, with an additional RM3, you could actually make it into a meal.

Of course, those aren't just it. They have plenty more selection for you to choose from. If you're a meat-lover, try out their Signature Beef Burger. If you're a vegetarian, take the Apple-mushroom Burger. And if you wish to share your meal, these assorted-flavored pizza will suit well, and they come together with sweet potatoes.

As mentioned by the owners, The Crazy Bites got its meat and veges supplies from the Halal suppliers. So you guys could lower down the doubts and maximize your excitement eating there. Check out their Facebook page here. The Crazy Bites.

I guess that's it for this time. Stay tune for my next update. If you're lucky enough, you will probably see me enjoying my good time in a 5 stars resort.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Celebrity Close Up - Alvin Chong

Hi there, fellow fans of Rakoli. Lol, like I have any.

My first time ever to be interviewing Malaysian celebrity. I did some movie reviews before this, but none gave me the chance to meet up the actors and actresses in person. What a shame. Fear no more, though, dear fans. This time around, I got myself a super close up with a local Chinese singer. Young and adorable, Alvin Chong.

After making his debut on 2009, Alvin Chong has been around in local music industry for half a decade now. And few years back, he had participated in his first picture and currently being active in both music and film industry.

During the interview he told the media that his latest album, Born This Way, was intended to showcase to his fans how much he had gone through. Over these few years, he has transformed from a regular boy-next-door, to a matured young man. Therefore, he wants the fans to expect the genre that he's doing will have a huge turn.

Being in the springtime of his life, Alvin is confident that he will stay around in the music industry for the next ten years. Comparing to filming, music is his passion. Through music, he could channel out every deep thought and have everybody listening to it. In additional, he mentioned that himself is quite introverted. Due to that, music helps him to get in touch with the crowd outside his reach.

Personally, it was my honor to have this interview. I mean, what else could be the best way to get to know others more. I love the fact that even when I sat slight further during the interview, Alvin would fully answer each and every of my questions. Not trying to be mean, but some celebs tend to ignore my question. Poor myself.

When I asked Alvin on his recent activity during the Independence Day, he mentioned that he'd made a song cover of "Anak Orang Kampung". And you know what, it was pretty cool. I knew the song, but little did I know, they had a Merdeka version. Check out the video below. And you know what's more cooler than this? He told me how much he had loved one of Rossa's song "Pudar". Like seriously, mind blown. I can't even.

That's it for this time guys. Stay tune for more of my post. And if we're lucky, maybe I'll be interviewing Siti Norhaliza and Macklemore. I can see the dream there, tears.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Magnum Party @ KL

Can I get some cheers for the white-chocolate lovers out there? Behold, the new creation of Magnum has arrived. And can you believe it? It is all in white.

Just last week, Magnum has released their new flavor - white chocolate with heavy load of almonds. Each bite tastes as if you were being lured into an imaginary world and white chocolate by Magnum is the only thing you need in life. Sounds spooky and exaggerated, but it makes sense.

Anyways, I had a good time in that new-launch party. Magnum sure knows how to organize an awesome party. Free flow of white Magnum and abundance of desserts. There were free alcohol as well. I didn't have any, though. Never did, never will.

There you go, my mentor again - Wendy Pua. We attended the party together. It was a nice meeting after weeks of being busy with work. We got to meet up and I truly appreciate that this party could provide us the opportunity.

My last photo, I was in my office attire, with my adorable sling-bag. I just got out from work. But yeah, blogging is just way to fun to miss out. It worth the fatigue.