Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pelicana Chicken @ Petaling Jaya

Pelicana Chicken, a Korean restaurant that has over 2,000 branches in South Korea itself. Main attraction of it, fragrant fried chicken that came with different spices and flavors.

The dishes are all pretty simple, yet stunningly delicious. My personal favorite, Peli Spicy D'Fish Burger. Tender fish meat, served with the special sauce and soft bun. It's not even that expensive, though. You could get it with only RM13.90.

Pelicana Chicken's best seller, the five flavors Peli Yang Nyeon chicken. Original, spring onion, charcoal BBQ and hot spice, you will never run out of option to select from.

Similar to any other restaurant, Pelicana Chicken serves its customer with some of the little dishes, which you could get with only RM4.50 each. The only thing that differs this restaurant from the rest, is that the little dishes were awesome. Korean fragrant, a mix of black sesame and seaweed. The smell itself, had me longing for more and more.

So next time if you're visiting E-Curve Mall, which next to IKEA, you may try out this restaurant.

Level 1, lot 1-43, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-77320087

One last picture of myself. Could I finish up all of theses? Great promotion by Pelicana Chicken during Ramadhan. 33% off for this gigantic meal for six, which cost you only RM98.90.


  1. Very value treat, a must try

  2. Really delicious & a must try for fried chicken lovers

  3. delicious and nice, must visit often

  4. I like the last picture.. cute facial expression!~

  5. I love the spicy one the best.... worth the tears shed... an awesome combination of ecstacy and agony... heheheh