About Me

"Curious & Restless"

Translation Skills
  • Started my early childhood by being trained to be multilingual.
  • Attended Chinese Kindergarten at Taman Perling, and ended final school year at Foon Yew High School Stulang Laut (2011).
  • Been exposed to various working environment since then and it has massively strengthen my Mandarin-speaking ability.

Tour Guiding Skills

  • Adapted the skills while having a short 6-month special privileged scholarship program in Beijing (2012). 
  • Explored multiple provinces in China and discovered passion in traveling.
  • Created a travel blog to share tips & advice after coming back to Malaysia (2013).
  • Received excellent feedback from readers and people around.

Planning Skills:
  • Been to numbers of sponsored trips as tour guide and translator.
  • Been invited by Berita Harian and TV-Alhijrah for close-up interview.
  • Slowly picked up various knowledge for back-packing travel, including budget, itinerary and safety.

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