Thursday, 8 June 2017

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

I believe I am not the only person in this planet with some crazy obsession. Others do too, right?

Just so you know, I would literally go into frenzy mode when these few things are placed in front of me - novels, travel photos, RPG games, web series etc. You see, I'm just like regular people who have hobbies. Reading fictional novels gives me insight of how others handle their lives. Travel photos provide inspiration and maybe to help me plan my future travel. RPG games relaxes my mind, but not to the point where it stops functioning completely. Web series, it's just like reading fictions. Taking all these away wouldn't cause any harm to me, but I would definitely feel empty inside. Sob sob!

And there is one more thing, and that is Japanese food. Ow God, if I had the power to convert my every meal into Japanese food, I would definitely do it, and not getting bored even a bit.

Here are some reasons why these type of cooking attracts me so so so so much.

1. They use less oil (and some do not consist of oil at all).
2. The ingredients are mostly whole foods.
3. They savor flavorless food, but high in nutrition.
4. Chili isn't something common in this cooking, and I'm honestly grateful for it.
5. Sushi and sashimi were the gifts from heaven.
6. And wasabi was the green ribbon that came along with them.

Get it now?

Okay okay! I think that's enough. Now let's talk about where can you get amazing foods in Johor Bahru, but with seriously affordable price. Easy, just google "Yuzu Japanese Restaurant Mount Austin", and the internet will take you straight to it.

Located in the heart of Mount Austin, I'm sure it won't give much trouble finding it.

Before any of you place in some hopes in having your dinner here, let me give you a quick heads up. This restaurant doesn't serve sushi, nor sashimi. And to fit our Malaysian culture, most of the main dishes are either don, ramen or udon. Another good thing is, the portion is enough for you to order just one set.

On the side note, this restaurant also serves other side dishes like edamame, saba fish, salmon head, kimchi, gyoza etc. (basically all of the things I love). 

When it comes to bill, no need to sweat, as it only costs you between RM 15 to RM 30 per person. Exactly like I said, affordable.

My best suggestion would the fish head set and gyoza. The fish head would be the best selection if you were into fish or seafood. Nothing can beat the taste of salmon's oily fat. As for the gyoza, it was handmade, so I liked the texture very much.

Here are some further info to ease you search.

Address   : 27, Jalan Austin Height 8/4, Taman Mount Austin
Contact    : 07-361 5965

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