Sunday, 4 June 2017

Iftar With The Taste Of Malay Culture @ Citta Mall

Just last week, my friends and I went for a quick shopping spree in Citta Mall, Petaling Jaya. We were there with the intention to grab something simple to eat, but to our surprise, this place offers much more than what we could think of.

Ranging from local cuisine to the food served overseas, you could actually get them here. But of course, I can't possibly share the entire building in one post. So, without further a due, allow me to show these 5 places to suit your interest toward Malay culture.

1)  Jom Bali

Indulge yourself with the taste of Malay Archipelago. So, order your fried and 3 other dishes. You may select either chicken, beef, fish or veges. All cooked with different styles. Ow not to forget this, with additional RM 5.90, you could get yourself a cup of cold drink. RM 2.90 for a hot cup.

My personal suggestion, try that 'Salted Egg Chicken' and 'Daging Goreng Halia (Fried Beef with Ginger)'. Each set cost us only RM 45.90, and this is enough for two persons.

2)  Onde Onde

In this restaurant, the focus will be slightly different, you're going to be served ala carte style. Grilled Chicken Butter Cream Pasta, Curry Laksa Seafood, Asam Laksa, you name it.

Although Onde Onde does serves these mouth-watering main dishes, but I really have to say that the side dishes, too, seem appealing. Two things I would love to suggest - 'Golden Banana Fritters with Gula Melaka' and 'ABC Gula Melaka'.

3)  Teh Tarik Place

I don't know why, but this place is pretty iconic. Perhaps because of its name. Also perhaps I used to dine in this place with my colleagues after work, discussing about our relentless day while chewing on their fish crackers. The place surrounding here seems a little bit like a kopitiam (coffee shop), but serving Malay/Mamak dishes.

Suggestion - 'Ayam Golek Set (Roasted Chicken Set)' and 'Nasi Goreng Ayam (Fried Rice with Chicken)'. 

4)  Kedai Bless

One can't simply eat all the time, am I right? So, let's take a look this apparel outlet, selling modern/fusion Malay look. Not to forget to match your outfit with those traditional accessories.

5)  Rain Forest

How about some classic wooden decors? If you were a foreigner renting a place in Malaysia, why not get yourself this local design to brighten out your space. And if you were Malaysians having own place to decorate, try visiting this place, it might give you a better idea.

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