Monday, 12 June 2017

Lemon Tree Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

In case if anyone wonders, no, the foods here do not revolve around lemon, nor do they serve lemon trees. Just like Starbucks, you don't see them serving stars, do you?

Now back to the subject, a restaurant that deserves to be mentioned - Lemon Tree Restaurant, at Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru. You will find all types of food here, which include local, western, eastern and desserts. Basically everything that Malaysians love to eat.

I had dinner there with a group of friends, and to my surprise, the bill was pretty reasonable. After splitting, each of us only had to pay around RM 15 - 20. Another restaurant that serves great food, but with cheaper price. Ow you don't know how much I love these owners.

As always, here are some of the honorable mention, or something to ease your menu selection.

Creamy Mushroom Chowder. Thick and creamy chowder served with shreds of mushroom (a whole bunch of them, honestly), a perfect appetizer before you start digging into main courses.

Lamb-shank. The mix of its gravy and mashed potato was so slushy, that it tasted so different comparing to the rest of Lamb-shanks I have had before. And the tenderized meat, just don't get me started with that.

Seafood Pizza. This post wasn't made to condemn other competitors, but most of the time when I ordered a 'Seafood Pizza', it would turn up a pizza with either only tuna or crab sticks, and I hate it every time I fall for it. So, that is why when I ordered this menu, I was flattered by how much the chef wanted to please his customers. The pizza consisted of real shrimps, squids, tuna chunks, pineapple and paprika, a tasteful combination.

Here are some further details:

Facebook   : Restaurant Lemon Tree
Contact      : 07-335 5688
Address      : 18, Jalan Bedara, Taman Melodies, 80250 Johor, Johor, Malaysia.

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