Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Are Malaysian Consumers Stupid? - This Page Definitely Proves The Point

In case if any of you hadn't notice, there have been quite a number of rumors spreading around Facebook. All of them were made based on one simple intention, that is to target this developer - Metro Kajang Holding (MKH).

My attention was drawn into this topic not because of the development issue, but it was because of the obsession displayed by this page (Are Malaysian Consumers Stupid?). This definitely isn't the first time people promote hate through Facebook, but seeing the page's consistency in brainwashing its readers really had me questioned the authenticity of online news.

Check out the page and you will see the author, namely Tanya Hyacinth Fernandez, went all out ranting about the condominium she bought a while ago. Not just that, the materials and proofs she brought up to support her complaints were seemingly fake and made up, like most unreliable articles you could fine online.

And the best of all, her page received thousands of views in Facebook and people are actually her.

I really don't know how to describe it, but just look at her posts, none of them can be considered a real proof. Most of them were made up using amateur phone video and provoking texts.

For example, the author used two different photos of her years ago and present, and simply made a claim that the developer was the one to cause her the misery. Just think about it, a developer had caused her these? Look at these two photos to see her claim.

Honestly, it was too bizarre to understand her entire rant. Just look up the page and trust me, you'll frown so hard that it leaves scars on your forehead.

Well, good to know I'm not the only one to question the reliability of her stories. Or else the page's title really proved to be right. Just look at these comment sections.

And apparently this lady doesn't take no for an answer. Anyone who opposes her is considered as a danger threat.

Even my questioning comments were deleted from her posts.

I spent around half an hour going through these comments, just to see if people are actually buying these stories, but to my surprise, I found out that this isn't the first time this author has fooled the internet.

Check out this link to see how she used the same tactic to provoke hate to other establishment (History of Tanya & her cut). Sadly, it was for the same purpose - her personal amusement.

I don't have any personal grudge against the author. I don't even know her in real life. But seeing how much she was willing to do to defame others, it seriously scares the hell out of me. If I were left alone in the planet with only her standing next to me, she would still be the last being I would go for.

As an online influencer, whose livelihood and career depend so much on providing facts and articles on the internet, I would say this type of author really ruined our readers' trust.

But hey, at least all of s have learned something from her - If you dislike something/someone, simply put up some fake news online and you will eventually win the case.

So next time when I go to McDonald's and the staffs forget to give me an extra cheese dip, I should just create a hate page with the title "Boycott McDonal's - Because Cheese Is Life". lol

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  1. Her real name is tanya hyacinth longinus NOT tanya hyacinth fernandez.

    Her digital marketing agency is www.digitalworks.my

    There is another blog about her here too.