Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Kelantan Delight @ Ara Damansara

Being a Malaysian does not mean that you are well-aware of all the foods and gourmets all over the country. Malaysia practically has 13 states and that means it has 13 different cuisines. Well, to be more precise, we do have more than 13 if you include the ethnic and racial variances.

In my today's post, I'd like to share with you guys some of our east coast gourmet that I had earlier this week, Kelantan Delight. A restaurant that serves buffet with various kind of dishes from Kelantan state, ranging from the well-known Kerabu and Dagang rice to the uncommon dishes like Som Tham.

My personal favorite, the legendary Jala Mas. Sweet and milky Jala Mas. But why would it be legendary? Perhaps I'm just exaggerating stuff. From what I was told, this particular dessert is meant for some of glorious events or ceremonies in Kelantan. Don't get it wrong, though. Jala Mas isn't expensive, it just that it takes a long time to prepare this dessert. It has to be made with care and details. And you don't simply serve this type of dessert to a random meal.

For those in Petaling Jaya or anywhere near it, don't get hesitated to try this. I believe it's not just me who's never tried a pure east coast gourmet.

It was honor to be invited by the branch owner for this review. And the chef, he was absolutely marvelous. This delightful restaurant located at the ground floor of Citta Mall. The address is at Jalan PJU 1a/48, Pusate Perdagangan Dana 1, 47301 Petaling Jaya.

You may call to 03-78316152 for reservation or inquiries. Or you could tune in to their website at


  1. i wan to eat kerabu & jala emas again!
    Jom Bro!

    1. I just want that jala emas haha .. can lets go !