Tuesday, 23 June 2015

My 5 obsessions with China

Hi guys ! My name is Ariq Rakoli and I'm the blogger for Ariq Travel Log. Over these few years, I had been obsessed with the Mainland China. After a short stay of six months in Beijing and Chongqing, I couldn't stop thinking of going back the very place again. Every year since then, I planned to have at least a trip to any province in the country. If there was anything to stop me from traveling, I would have this insane longing running through my head. Here are the five reasons for my obsessions:

1. The infinite history

Even since the years during high school, I was taught with some of the glorious history of China. The Three Kingdom, the Great Wall, the great Qin Dynasty and its emperor. All of these came straight to me as a great wonder. We do not have this in the place where I came from.

2. The variation of culture

56 ethnic and 33 different provinces, and that is exactly why I love this country. Wherever you go, there are all different. Don't get me started language itself. When you are a frequent traveler in a particular country, you'll keep looking for the dissimilarity in everywhere you go and China has it.

3. Here lays the strangest and the wondrous

From the oddest snack such as fried tarantulas and tiny scorpions, to the world's most amazing valley and mountains. China offers a wide range of stuff to be discovered. The only thing that keeping you from it, is your willingness to seek for it.

4. The Chinese beef noodles

And of course not just the noodles. If you look carefully into the menus, you will see the dishes are actually made distinctively. There is difference between warm and cold dishes, oily and dull soups, overly dried and watery platters. None of them were made with improper intention or mistake, they were just designed that way.

5. The welcoming locals

Ni hao ( hello ) or huan ying ( welcome ), the most common words greeted to me by the locals, regardless of their age or ethnicity. You could receive more of that warmth feeling if you were a foreigner with ability to converse in Mandarin, as they would delight to have further conversation with you.

Well, I believe there more to be discovered in this country. But for now, these are my best obsessions.