Saturday, 8 August 2015

Movie - 破风 To The Fore

I love watching Mandarin movie. Cuz' you know why? I don't need that damn subtitle to understand it. Lol.

Now let's talk about this newly released movie, "破风 To The Fore". Hold up, what's that even mean?

Basically this movie is all about the life of a group of professional cyclist. Starring Eddie Peng, Shawn Dou and Chou Si-Won, these three protagonists devoted their life to the Road Bicycle Race. This movie shows the value of self-sacrifice and team-work in order to win the tournament.

Each team is formed with different positions of player, which in this movie, they focus mostly on telling the story of the sprinter/striker and the wind-breaker. Every one knows that each position in a sports group holds a great importance, though audience tend to appreciate the only person who stands out - the striker.

Catch up this new movie in the theater nearby. Find out who decided to become whose wind-breaker. What made them realize that self-sacrifice is way more important than the glory and fame.

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