Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Event of the Year - KL City Grand Prix

Can somebody point me one thing that people mostly come to watch the Grand Prix for. Fast car? Flashing speed? Hot babes? Or just simply because of the hype? If you asked me, I would say the gathering, crowds of city people assembling and meet each other up and rave over the rapid race on track. The noise and those berserk screams, they were fantastic.

My last entry on the KL City Grand Prix, was only focusing on the reasons why they held this event, as I had no clue on how the whole thing would look like. Therefore, I invited a friend of mine, whose a fan of this man-machine sports.

One thing I can assure you, when it comes to organizing street races, the entire scenery would be different. I'm talking about the schedule, the track, the view, the live tele-cast, the crowd and so on. None of it would look the same comparing to the race in Sepang. Well, at least the racers remain.

My friend told me that in Sepang, the audience were given with earplugs to protect themselves from the overload noise made by the cars. However, in this recent street race, we were not given with any of those as the cars, including the Lamborghini's, weren't running in full speed. But hell, I still nearly lost hearing to it. It was as if somebody threw an explosive stuff right in front of us and we watched it without being insured with any safety measures. I walked away, though, in the middle of the Lamborghini race. I was in hurry.

Another thing that I enjoyed while watching the race, the excited crowd. For most of the time when they held a race in Sepang, only those who could afford or the race-car enthusiasts would go and get the tickets. But this time around, it was opened for everyone. I've got admit that I was truly entertained by the crowds on sidewalks. Neither of them were enthusiasts, nor the one who could afford the tickets, they came down to the city-center just to have some good time with their mates and peers while cheering over the legalized street race. And by the way, it is absolutely wrong in Malaysia, to stand on the curb and witness any illegal street race in first hand. Either you'll be jailed, or you'll get a juvenile summon.

Anyways, these are some photos of me and my sweet pal, whole certainly knows then times more than me on the regards of Grand Prix.

"Are those F1 cars?"

"They're F3."

"But they don't have tires."

** Face-palm.

Great weekend I had, I would have stayed till dusk if it wasn't because of other event. Loose down your worries, I'm pretty sure they'll be more good stuff to come. So next time when you want to go and watch a legalized street race, go with your loved ones. You'll have a splendid time together.

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