Saturday, 29 August 2015

31st of August - Our Independence Day

Malaysia nowadays is being portrayed as a middle-class country with low transparency. Well, I'm not a politician, but I am a Malaysian. Practically, I have the right to say something about it. As far as my concern, I just hope to get things right in this country. God knows how much I love it. It's my home-country and this will be the place where I want to spend my last moments at.

Just the other day my friend shared a video of this fantastic dance group - Rejuvenate Dance Group. Young and Energetic. These people traveled to every state of this nation and they showcase their dance routine on each of the local attractions. My hometown - Johor Bahru, was shown in the video as well. Did you see that Puteri Harbor? I used to work there.

It's such an amazing feeling watching this group of teenagers dance around the awesome places and it had me thought that there are actually some part of this nation that can still be saved. The beauty of Malaysia, it doesn't just contain the tourism. The youth, or just the people in general, plays a big part in growing this country. Look at those smiles in that video. Work together as Malaysians and fight our way to keep those smiles, regardless of how much we are being oppressed.

I have friends all over the world and I still remember the time when I was studying in China, I was the only Malaysian student in the college. None of my friends were familiar with my home-country. Yes, they heard the name. But how does the real thing look like? I may not be the best Malaysian they had ever met, but I had served my duty of being a loyal citizen and told them each and every good side of it. Like seriously, I'd made two presentation in class just to explain the best of Malaysia. With my brilliant brain and voice of marketing, I can say yes, they were all fascinated by the presentations.

This four-minute video has a strong message for every Malaysian. Let us welcome 31st of August, our very Independence Day with the heart of patriotism. May odd be in our favor. God bless Malaysia!

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