Sunday, 19 June 2016

3 Great Places To Shop @ Guangzhou

Shopaholic has never been a thing for me. My main priority when traveling is to reach the unexplored destinations. Guangzhou is a big city, even after visiting it for three times I still have plenty of unknown spots in my travel map. But you can't always be in the hunt the entire time. You'll get exhausted eventually. So what I did during my short breaks was to stroll around the malls in the city.

Funny thing about malls or shops in foreign lands is that you will see those odd things you would never find in your home-country. For instance, foreigners, especially Malaysians, are so into Daiso in Japan. A convenient store that sells pretty much every daily equipment everyone needs, but never been sought. Ranging from huge stuff like garden fences to tiny little book labels. Some would say those are quite trivial, but it's the little thing that makes it interesting. You don't need a reason to visit the store. You just go in  and look around. Good concept, by the way.

Here's the list of three malls I found people should really visit. If you don't like the types of items they're selling, you should at least visit it once. It could be a good finding for you.

Onelink Plaza

Chinese name: 万菱广场 (wan ling guang chang)
Metro station: 海珠广场 (Haizhu Square Station)
Types of product:
Home-decor, glass jar, ceramic, painting, toy, souvenir, fengshui fountain, accessory, drone etc.

Most of the time, people who visit Guangzhou to seek for suppliers would put this mall as their top priority. Being in here alone could expose yourself to a huge chain of suppliers. If you were enrolled in retails or trading industry, this would do good in your business massively.

Aside from staying inside of the mall, you might want to explore the streets nearby. There are few other malls too next to Onelink Plaza. They may not be as famous as Onelink, but you will find the items there quite useful.

Once you are done with the shopping, there will be drivers and carriers waiting for you at the front of Onelink Plaza. Hire bicycle carrier if you are staying one kilometer away from Onelink. But if your hotel is located beyond that, get a van driver instead. I stayed in Jiefang North Rad during my last tip and it took us around 15 minutes to reach the hotel by car. So we got ourselves a van driver with the cost of RMB 50. The traffic was horrible at that time and I couldn't negotiate for a lower price. But you try to ask.

New Asia International Electronic & Digital City

Chinese name: 新亚洲国际电子数码城 (xin ya zhou dian zi shu ma cheng)
Metro station: 文化公园站 (Culture Park Station)
Types of product:
Smart phone, smart watch, action cam, power bank, phone & camera battery, phone case, phone accessory, hover board, pen drive etc.

Lingnan Electornic & Digital Plaza

Chinese name: 岭南国际电子数码广场 (ling nan dian zi shu ma guang chang)
Metro station: 文化公园站 (Culture Park Station)
Types of product:
Surveillance camera & tools, action cam, drone, phone accessory, USB cable, smart phone etc.

For the tech-lover, or those who are venturing in tech business, these two malls could be awesome places to visit. Always keep in mind, though, these are not the places where quality is being prioritized. The majority of these stores are just a window to their main factory. Hence, the sellers here are expecting to deal with bulk orders. And commonly when items that come in mass number, you may estimate that a small part of them are defected.

In my personal experience with my friends, we bought a huge box of USB cables (with the price below RMB 5 each), only to realize that 20 out 100 cables were badly made. Some were reported damaged and null, while others were reported to charge very slowly when connected to smart phones. But hey, just take a look at the price. It's a real gambling situation there.

The location is very easy to find. Simply head east for about 200 meters and you will see Lingnan Electronic & Digital Plaza on the right. And if you walk for another 200 meters, you will see New Asia International Electronic & Digital City on your left.

Heping East Road / Jianglan Road

Chinese name: 和平东路 (he ping dong lu) / 桨栏路 (jiang lan lu)
Metro station: 一德路 (Yide Road Station) / 文化公园站 (Culture Park Station)
Types of product:
Clothing, jacket, trousers, scarf, shirt, jeans etc.

Lastly, but not the least, clothing. Something that none of us could escape. Whether you are interested with fashion or not, we are all in need of this.

This particular area, or the streets nearby, specialize in selling fashion outfits. Cool thing about shopping around this place is that the stores here are not located inside of a mall. Instead, they are all scattered around in every street. In my own opinion, it is much more fun strolling around the street while window shopping, rather than staying in one same roof.

Another reason that make me so into this place, the same reason why I love clothing line in China, is the design of the clothes. One thing how the designing industry works in the mainland, is that they have to come out with new creations by each autumn and spring, it's just something that we don;t have in the tropics. For that reason, you will never run out of selections when you shop for outfits here. And do take my little advice, prices of the clothes here are much cheaper when you purchase them during the transition of seasons. Get your summer outfits during spring, or get your winter jackets during autumn, and you will get yourself a half-price discount.

These two street are reachable by both metro stations. If you are getting off at Yide Road Station, simply head west for about 300 meters and you will see the stores across the Remin Road. And if you are getting off at Cultural Park Station, you may head north for about 200 meters and you will directly come to contact with the streets.

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