Sunday, 12 July 2015

Taste of Sweet Memory

Does anybody remember during the early years, when you could get a sweet simple Lontong with only RM1 on the street? I still, I was in primary school back then. Plain rice cake served with thick green sauce that consisted of long beans and cabbages. An inexpensive dish, yet it tasted as if it was made with glory.

I traveled to my primary school with my mom using motorbike, and most of the time, we would stop by a little stall that sold all sort of breakfast. My usual hand-pick, the little packet of greenish Lontong that had a little bit of peanut sauce in it. It was captivating.

This is exactly how I felt when my tongue tasted the soup of Mamee Chef Lontong for the first time. I've got to be frank, because the soup was glorious and it had nothing similar comparing to other flavors. The sweet and spicy aroma, blended together with coconut creamer.

Mamee Chef Lontong was developed and perfected by Dato' Chef Ismail over approximately 8 to 12 months and contains a blend of 8 widely-used spices and ingredients, including turmeric, dry ginger, galangal, lemongrass, key lime, candlenut and shrimp paste powder.

It also contains crustaceans for that added flavor. The highlight of this dish of course the special Lontong paste created by Dato' Chef Ismail himself to give this dish a distinctive taste - just as he has done for Mamee Chef's previous offerings. Each pack Mamee Chef Lontong also comes with additional condiments such as chilies and vegetables for a more authentic experience.

Furthermore, Mamee Chef Lontong could make a sweet dish to share during Hari Raya. Just imagine that all of you friends come by to visit and the moment they step into you home, the smell of fragrant Lontong welcomes their appetite. One thing I can assure, your friends will have that yearning desire for more after the first try.

Tune in to Mamee Chef's facebook page through this link, My Mamee Chef. You could get some of their new updates and promotions there.

Happy reading guys and have a great Aidilfitri!

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