Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Movie - Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit

My very first time to cover the screening for upcoming local movie. Special credits to Mamee Chef for this lovely invitation.

New movie by Metrowealth, directed by Eyra Rahman, is planned to be released in this coming Aidilfitri. Starring Nora Danish, Qi Razali, Shuk SYJ and Atikah Suhaime,

this romantic comedy is set to light up this festival season with the love story of two perfect strangers.

Asyikin ( Nora Danish ), the elder daughter of village chief and Awie ( Qi Razali )., a troublesome village young man, who apparently 'fell' from sky and came to sight with sweet innocent Asyikin.

"Suamiku Jatuh Dari Langit" is said to be the 100th movie by Metrowealth International Group ( MIG ). During the press conference, Mejar ( K ) David Teo mentioned that it is a good luck sign and there will be more local films to be made in the future.

As a new comer to this brand new film industry, I am quite astounded by how well it's doing. There are things that I find pretty well-accomplished in this little industry, such as the tendency of comedy genre in local films and how good they're in it. If you were the type of guy who tend to laugh a lot, this movie would suite you well.

A little photo sharing, it could be one of my most exquisite photo this year ( after the one I had with my dear mom in Guangzhou ). Sweet Nora Danish with her gorgeous smile, what else could I ask for?

As a kid, I used to watch her first TV show 'Puteri' on TV3. She was very young back then, but her acting was brilliantly flawless. Standing next to her, I could see that her beauty isn't just physical. There's no surprise that she's gotten to where she is now.

Stay tune for more of my reviews on either travel, food or movie. There are plenty more to come. But for now, allow me to bid my goodbye to all of you.

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