Sunday, 3 May 2015

Seasons in Beijing

Coming from a "Summer" country, I was quite fascinated by the climate difference in Beijing. I mean, I had never experience anything else other than hot sun, or heavy rain. I am not saying that those are bad, hell I love hot sun! It's just that, I would love to have something different. When you're in my shoes, everything is about having variance.

This photo was taken back in October 2012. September to November is the autumn season for the north half of the globe, it is something that we don't have near the equator. Autumn can be described as gloomy, yet tranquil season. A perfect time for couples to stroll around the park or any places out of city, but not for me, of course.

Keep in mind, you will have to stay out from the busy town to enjoy this season. Pick some places with trees, or rural areas. My suggestion, somewhere around the fifth ring of Beijing city, or even further.

Around October, that is the time where all the leaves will change their color to orange, giving us the perfect view of nature beauty. But people say, good thing doesn't last forever. The next thing you know, those pretty little trees have turned bald.

This transaction happens around November, where the trees are slowly adapting to the climate and lose their covers, putting them-self into the peaceful hibernation. Between this period, the temperature should have dropped to 10 degrees Celsius, or even lower than that.

I took this photo when I was on my way to the subway station, near Chuan Mei University. What happened in that photo? There was a mist actually, or smog, I'm not sure which was it. But both of them appeared quite frequent. How to decide? Well, this is how I do, just don't say anything if I get it wrong.

Firstly, take a deep breath and you release it slowly. If there is a pile of smoke coming out of your mouth, that's mist. It happens because of your body warmth, combining with the humidity and low temperature. To help you understand this better, just place an ice cube into your moth and breath through it, you will have the exact same effect. Isn't it fun?

And how to detect a smog? Read the bloody news. You will see it all over the newspaper if there is indeed an air pollution.

Anyways, back to the topic. As the autumn says goodbye, we greet the presence of winter, with its white flurries along the way.

Lucky for me, it was snowing a week before Christmas, even on the eve. Within that one week, I couldn't stop staring at those tiny flakes that came down from above. And the shape, it was exactly like how we drew it as a kid, the shape of crystal. Just imagine how beautiful it is, millions of teeny little crystals, falling down from the sky, into the ground. They join up with other crystals and form another thing that we name, snow. Marvelous, isn't it? Then I threw it on my friend's face, doubled up the awesomeness.

I don't know about other people, but I am genuinely grateful with these incredible gifts by the nature. You should appreciate it if you were born in a country with seasons. And again, I am not saying tropical countries are bad, they are the same good as others. Every country in this world, has its own cool things. As for Beijing, these are the things that amaze me most.

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