Sunday, 3 May 2015

My College

September 2012, that was the date I first arrived in my college for the brief language program. The name was Beijing International Studies University, not a very well-known school, but it offered a great environment and friendly atmosphere.

Frankly speaking, I did not choose this school on purpose and I seriously had no idea what did they have. Like I said in my intro before, I earned a scholarship. So, I kind of had to choose a school. To make it worse, I didn't know anyone that studied in Beijing before. Most of my friends, either they went to Taiwan or Australia, but not Beijing. In the end, I was given a list of college in Beijing and I randomly chose BISU. For the first week there, I was super awkward. I came to Beijing by myself and I certainly didn't know anyone there. I spent my whole week staying inside my room watching TV only, what a waste.

Cool things come slow, that's what people say. After seven days of doing exactly nothing, I finally had the chance to go out. It was the registration day basically all the newcomers of Mandarin Institute went to the administrative building, and got them-self registered, so did I.

Just for you to know, BISU is quite small and you can't compare it with any other great colleges in the city. If you asked me, I'd say it actually looked like a high school. But don't get me wrong, I love this school. It has been two years since I left it, but I still have a clear picture of it in mu head.

Anyways, I had my registration and I got my schedule. The next day, class started. In my class, there were 13 students who had the fixed timetable as mine. For the rest, there only showed sometimes. As it was a tiny college and the students of Mandarin program weren't that much, we get to know people around real quick. I mean, 14 of us started to have conversation on our first day. In two days, we already knew each other's name. Within less than a week, I had made friends, super close friends.

Well, my point is, little sometimes can be wonderful too. The school was small indeed, but I got the chance to meet every foreign student in that program, and you wouldn't get to do that in BLCU or Peking University.

The second thing that had me fallen in love with this school, was the surrounding. Just look at those photos? i took that when I was on my way to the Muslim cafeteria, which served the best Xin Jiang Cuisine ever. Don't get me started with the "Big Plate Chicken" ( Da Pan Ji )

The other one was taken outside my dormitory. People who stayed in the Foreign Student Dorm, should knew whose that Chi Wawa belonged to. It was actually the janitor's, who was the one that cleaned the leaves and those tennis courts. That little dog, I loved it when the janitor left it by itself and he went to play Chinese checkers with his friends. That dog ended up barking all around the street, as if he was trying to find its master. Adoreable.

The last one, but not the least, was the winter. Seriously, that's what I did the whole time when I was there, staring at the white ground and those skinny trees, while enjoying my hot latte, priceless. The other one was the front side of my dorm. You know what makes it even better? The tennis courts. They didn't open up those courts and nobody got in there. As result, we had a perfect view of untouched snow right at the front of my room. How about that y'all !

But I knew that it would end at some point, so I truly enjoy every second of the moment. Mark my word, I will go back to that school again one day.

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