Wednesday, 28 June 2017

4 Typical Situations You Face When Buying Property

First of all, a belated wish to all readers. After a month of battle, we are finally free to enjoy this worldly bless. Coming from the guy who needs to consume calories 10 times more than average people do, trust me, it was indeed a warfare.

In case if you hadn't notice, I only weight only 53 kg, while my height is 172 cm. Like literally, that's not okay, and far from being normal. To make it even worse, I dropped a couple of more kg during the month of Ramadhan. Sorrow, that was all I felt when standing on the weight scale.

Anyways, enough with the talk, you probably clicked into this post because of the title. Well, this is definitely not a click bait. Without further a due, here are the list of four things people normally face when getting a property (in a form of video, wink wink!).

If any of you made it to the later part of the video, you probably noticed something familiar, right? Right? Right? (Curving lips, pretty similar to Maleficent with her malevolent smile lol)

That's true, I was in it! Well, when you come to think about it, it does seem like a click bait. Damn!

But anyhow, you were entertained, weren't you? (Another wink wink)

Credits to Skyworld Development for making this hilarious video, and for inviting me to be part of it, although it was just a teeny tinny little part, but still it was fun to make.

Here is the link for more info of them : Skyworld Development

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