Friday, 1 July 2016

Iftar with Orphans Home @ Grand Blue Wave Hotel Johor Bahru

"Return what society has given to you before". Well, it doesn't imply only on material stuff. It could be the deeds that people nearby had done to you, or the helping hands that were let during your desperate times. This type of initiative has always been my goal - to give back to people around me and channel all my gratitude in a form of charity work. I may not have much to give out now, but I can create an awareness of doing so. And that worth pretty much the same.

So I was invited to an Iftar charity event held by the Grand Blue Wave Hotel Johor Bahru during Ramadhan 2016. It was dedicated for 50 orphans who are residing in Rumah Kebajikan Raudhatul Maryam (a registered organization under Pertubuan Amal Anak-anak Yatim dan Miskin Skudai). The hotel grasps the idea of corporate social responsibility in a serious manner and they never have failed to deliver it since the year of 2008.

On top of it, the General Manager of Tasek Maju Group, Mr Long Cheow Siong explained that this project of 2016 was mainly to raise a donation - 5% of every purchase of the hotel's Ramadhan buffet, which they called it "Muhibah Ramadhan", will be channeled directly to the orphans home.

A quick introduction of Grand Blue Wave Hotel Johor Bahru, it is actually part of Tasek Maju Group and has been involved actively in the Tasek Maju Charity Carnival (TMCC) for various types of charity works.

In 2015 alone, Grand Blue Wave Hotel Johor Bahru, together with the group, had organized three charity events. They were the handover of donation to the Handicapped & Disabled Children Association in Saleng, Tasek Maju 2015 Children's Party, and Ramadhan Iftar charity event for Rumah Jagaan Warga Emas Nur Ehsan.

The HR Manager of Grand Blue Wave Hotel Johor Bahru shared with me the situation in one of their previous event at an elderly care. It was a successful event with plenty of volunteers and participants, which a great number of them were the hotel staffs. It was painful to see the condition of the folks there, as most were either disabled or too old to take care of themselves. However, the volunteers stepped out to offer their assistance during the Iftar. This lovely event might lasted only for a day, but you wouldn't know how much that one day meant to those in need.

Great hospitality given by the staff. I had a wonderful time meeting the kids. They were just like any other kids, who sought for attention and would fall into depression when left unattended. Hence, when they were gifted with souvenirs by the hotel, those smiles bloomed.

It was an Iftar event, so, of course, people would like to learn more what were served for the kids. Well, you might want to zoom or double-click on the photos. I bet it will make you feel terribly jealous with them.

Introduction made by the Executive Chef, Chef Karim, that the concept of this buffet is a mixture of western and local cuisine. Four types of rice (Briyani, Bukhari, Jagung and Minyak rice) were presented on rotary basis to fulfill your crave during Iftar. Not to be missed, ten stalls, with various of cooking, which included roasted whole lamb, satays, grilled fish, Sish Kebab, local fried noodles etc. As for the highlighted dessert, you may want to try traditionally made Pulut Serawa, sticky rice served with thick durian sauce.

Here's the contact of hotel, in case any of you would like to visit next tie.

Grand Blue Wave Hotel Johor Bahru
Address : Jalan Bukit Meldrum, Tanjung Puteri, 80300 Johor Bahry, Johor, Malaysia
Contact : +607 221 6666

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