Friday, 3 June 2016

Zumba & Yoga For The First Time

I do sports sometimes, like jogging, weight-lifting, basketball, and a little bit of badminton. I’m not just a geek, or you may call a nerd, whom loves travelling and blogging so much that spend most of his days staring at the screen of laptop. Well, like I said, I do sports.

Those who have the same interest as mine may understand when I say that I love physical activities for the thrill, and for how it drains the sweat out of me. Trust me, you will feel incredibly light afterward. And also, that amazing feeling when your muscles are completely exhausted, but your body is still continuously moved by the adrenaline. Oh God, what a lovely creation. It’s like an additional battery for human-being.

So I had an invitation last weekend. They called me up, along with a group of other bloggers for an afternoon Zumba session. At first I was a little reluctant to accept this (it wasn't really my thing), but I thought that I’d never try this. So, why not?

One thing I can tell you, after going through nearly an hour session of freaking Zumba, is that it’s kind of crazy. A quick comparison – body-builders have a room of iron for them to pump, gymnasts has a gymnasium filled with metal loops and grab-bars, sprinters have a track for them to sprint on or a stadium for a relentless run. As for those with ADHD (Hyperactivity Disorder), they have Zumba. A perfect match.

I’ve got people around saying that this type of work out is meant for ladies. Honestly, I wouldn’t say that.

The only reason people are keep saying that is because of the moves you need to make. They’re kind of feminine. But other than that, the cardio and stretching were unisex. Just try it yourself and you’ll know. The entire work out is not even feminine.

This was my first experience, and guess what I loved most about this session? The instructor. Like serious, she was insane. She’s like the duplication of Jim Carrey, but in a form of female, and added one hell of an ADHD. Staring at her face itself could make you feel extremely exhausted, let alone her moves.

Upon our session with her, the organizer let us have a moment of Zen. A quick yoga to stretch our muscles off. Surprisingly, led by this ripped dude. He had soothing voice, though.

Right before the yoga, they let us to clean our faces first and put on these new products by The Face Shop – White Seed. A complete set with serum, mask, toner and lotion. I’m not much of a beautician, but I was quite in love with the mask. It had milky cream that soften the skin when you apply it on. And so I had it during a ten-minute Shavasana (lying flat with eyes closed on the yoga mat).

Well, this was fun. Perhaps I’m going to try again if there is any other invitation.

For more info, you may click into this link : The Face Shop - White Seed

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