Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nanafa Beauty HQ

Okay. This is seriously my first time to review a beauty product, so be kind with me. LOL!

I was introduced last week with this new product by a new brand, at least to me it was new, namely Nanafa Juta Beauty HQ, or simply Nanafa Beauty.

They allowed me to do a simple review on their top-seller Blanco Set. "Blanco" means whitening in Spanish, so basically this is beauty set for you to get rid of your dull and darken skin. Heavy sunlight could easily destroy your skin cells, leaving a layer of dead skin. And the funny thing is, this dead skin is not removable unless you go through some spa or beauty treatment.

This Blanco Set comes with a serum and a soap, which to assist you as below:

- Get rid of acne and pimple
- Lighten acne scar
- Even skin tone
- Hydration
- Minimize pore size
- Detoxing

Secondly, the bottle that I'm holding, that was the thing I found most interesting. That's a men's wash. Not a men's face wash, a men's wash. Sort of like a fem wash, but for dudes. And I'm not kidding. LOL!

Guys too, require some specific body care. And when you use this was, it will give you a cool refreshing feeling, as it contain multiple materials that are good for your skin.

- Betain, provide anti-septic effect to kill unwanted bacteria.
- Piper Betle Leaf Extract, to reduce skin inflammation and relieve itching.
- Glycerine, removing impurities on the surface of cells and lighten skin color.
- Sea Salt, to sooth irritated skin.
- Catuaba Extract, increase penis size growth (interesting huh?) and prevent prostate cancer.
- Menthol Crystal, increases blood flow.

This product has no Sles, Paraben, nor Silicon. And they're basically registered under Ministry of Health Malaysia.

For more info, you may click here Nanafa Beauty Facebook / Nanafa Beauty Instagram