Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Biker Kental Theater @ Istana Budaya

Anyone here ever been to Istana Budaya? No? Anyone? Well, same goes to me. Rumors told that this place is a total fable. 'Cuz ya know, this whole was built like a castle, and the attendees in the events, they are all celebrities or names that people adore. Not that I will never be adored, but it seemed to me pretty bizarre last time I visited this place.

Anyways, I did not go to this amazing Istana Budaya to see those people, I was there for a theater, a comedy theater to be more precise. "Bikers Kental", a local comedy theater starring nation most 'notorious' stars - Zizan and Awie. These two people totally reminded me of, I mean it, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. A combination of silly and serious. As a result, they got a total hilarious duo.

The sounds effect was good, the sitting was comfy, the stage was moderately huge and story was hilarious. What else could I possibly be asking for more? They're still showing it in Istana Budaya, just in case some of you happen to plan to watch it. If you were the type of people who enjoy relaxing comedy, this would suit you best.

Ticket fare starts from RM45, RM65, RM95, RM125, RM155, RM185 and RM305. You can easily get it via www.redtixairasia.com, or simply go to Box Office ticket counter in Istana Budaya.

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  1. hai Ariq, Bonde sini...

    Done follow sini, bestnya dah tengok theater Bikers kental....