Wednesday, 5 December 2018

5 Reasons Why Men Need Moisturiser

Moisturized skin has always been a thing for the ladies. It is an element of their beauty. But people need to know that this doesn't imply only to female. Guys, too, need to know the importance of having a good skin. Here are the five reasons why.

1. Beauty isn't just for women.

This is 2018. In case if you hadn't notice, beauty's standard has changed and it will always change as time passes by. Let me point you the obvious, people no longer get attracted to men by their masculinity and demeanor only, your face is equally important. In reference of K-Pop artist, do you actually think they look like that the moment they woke up from bed?

The answer is NO. They probably sneaked into Sephora, or Sasa, when no one was looking. Or perhaps they had good relationship with Maybelline. Maybe.

2. Uneven skin tone due to extreme sunlight.

Let's be real about our country's weather, it is HOT! Malaysia is, and forever will be hot. But the funniest part is when you enter a mall or office, it feels as if you suddenly have been teleported to the north pole. These extreme temperature difference, plus the ever-bright sunlight is really doing some terrible harm to your skin.

If you're not into spending money for make-up or beauty products, my suggestion would be to stay home, like all the time. That will keep you away from the sun, and its natural vitamin D.

3. Repair skin cell.

Most guys don't really care about their physical look and they do things that damage their skin slowly. Even I, too, sometimes didn't know which product is the best and ended up making my skin worse from what it used to be.

My suggestion is to keep it hydrated all the time with moisturizer. Because it has healing power to repair your dead cells. My suggestion - Cozena Tone Up Cream. I found out about this cream from a friend of mine. I tried it a few times and it actually fitted my skin well. It doesn't  just help me with my dead skin, but also balance my skin tone, which is related to my previous point.

4. A form of courtesy when meeting people.

Owh how much I wished I could say this out loud to people. Sometimes people wear make-up not just to please themselves, but it is a manner, a courtesy when you meet up with strangers. What if you had something good in mind to talk about, but that person in front of you kept staring at your imperfect skin tone?

It happened to me multiple times when I was careless, and it was extremely annoying. It's not like you can just go ahead and say "ah hello! I'm talking here, can't you see?"

5. Boost your confidence.

Everyone has their own way to gain confidence. For me, speaking up clearly gives me that feeling of empowerment. While some people depend highly on their physical look to gain their confidence. Hence, getting rid of your dry skin may take you there. Maybe not entirely, but every bit helps.

Well, sometimes making sarcastic comments make me feel good.

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