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Opinion : Thoughts On China by Pavitra

From the beginning of my involvement in traveling, I have been interviewing people and listened to what they had to share about China. It has been lovely. It was funny to see some of them who at first were so reluctant to go for the trip, simply because China wasn't their dreamland, had a major turnaround experience. Some of those experiences even left a life-long memory to them.

So what would happen if I start asking about China, to those who have never stepped foot there? Well, let's find out what these people have to say about the notorious country.

Meet Pavitra, she is currently 21 and a Journalism student. Traveling may not be a common thing for her, but she does possess knowledge and interest in it. For example, if you asked anything related to history of Egypt or Greek's mythology, she could answer to you as if she was born there at the time.

Me : What is the first thing in your mind when heard the word "China"?

"Great Wall! Okay, I know that's very generic. And also this one palace on a mountain, which I saw in the movie "Karate Kid". I've seen it a lot in TV programs but I always forget the name. It's like a place where you find peace and to do meditation. All those mystical things. It's not that it looks unreal or movie-like, but that place is there in the midst of chaos and I believe some places in China are quite chaotic with people and cars. But that palace is like a new leaf, peaceful and in tune with nature. It's literally a paradise."

Me : What is the best thing you have heard about the country?

"The best thing would be the food. It's very different and good. I don't have much interest in architecture, I prefer to enjoy authentic culture. If you wanted me to choose between KLCC and Giza Pyramid, I would definitely pick the latter one. I'm more of an ancient historical type of person. "

Me : Do you think the medias are portraying the country in the truthful way?

"I think the Malaysian media only shows the political part of the country (China) and they are making us believe politic is the only thing we should concern about when it comes to this topic. And now when we speak of China, we only talk about how China owns half of our country and blah blah whatsoever. When the media portrays the country like that, the people like us will start having bad thoughts. But we don't know anything else about the country, for example the culture. The media is simply not being informative. People who love to travel they would go for some travel websites, but some people rely solely on the news."

Me : China recently donated a huge amount of money to World Health Organization (WHO) to improve the life of refugees in Syria, a war-torn country. Some huge media in China said it was just another political strategy by the president to secure the trading business between China and the Arab countries. There were comments saying that the fund could have fed the needy local Chinese instead of giving out to the outsiders. What is your thoughts on this?

"I do believe some media are unreliable and love to add things up just to get views, but I don't think that securing businesses is the only agenda. Perhaps the president is a man with big heart, who just wanted to help. I am not going to say much about that, but if you're doing it for the wrong reason, that's just awful, because you're playing with a lot of life. However, I don't agree with comments given by the media."

Me : Do you know that the size of 1 China is equal to 29 Malaysia. As for population, 1 Chinese equals to 44 Malaysians. Do you think that the country is doing good in maintaining it?

"Ow wow. My first guess was 1 China equals to 10 Malaysia, but that is just insane. I knew the country is big, but that ratio is unbearable. I know that most cities in China are very much developed, but I'm not sure about the rural areas. Even in Malaysia there are under-developed places like in Pahang. But if you asked me, I would say better to keep it that way, it would keep the culture alive. There are certain places that you should have respect for. So there are certain places that journalists should know what to explore and what not to explore."

Me : Have you seen or heard "Yading Nature Reservoir" and "Jiuzhaigou"? Why do you think media chose not to show them?

"I have never seen them, nor heard of them. But these pictures are beautiful. These are gorgeous. I guess people are prone to dramas and politics, so whenever these come up, the media would just go for it. I admit that we all love to have some dramas in life, but just find a way to control them."

Yading Nature Reservoir & Jiuzhaigou

Me : What do you think about traveling? Is it meant for the rich?

"I think traveling is a must for everyone. It gives you a chance to run back into yourself, it teaches a lot about you that you don't know. There is no need to travel far or expensive. You could simply travel from here to Penang just to get out from your comfort zone. It's a basic knowledge and a skill you have to acquire. I don't think you would want to tell your kids in the future that you stayed in the house all the time and didn't go anywhere. And if you can't afford traveling, try reading. Learn how people out there live their life. Let your imagination run wild."

"If I were given with a chance to travel far, I would categorize myself as solo traveler, who seeks for leisure and spiritual learning. Even with a group, the maximum number would be three people. That way there would be less disturbance and I could deal with my own thoughts."

Me : Any final advice for those with fear of traveling?

"If you were too afraid of doing anything, then you were not experiencing what life had to offer. Just go for it, do not get scared too much of the consequences. Even if there is a plane crash and you die, you can't stop that from happening, but at least you die from doing something you truly love. Just like Steve Irwin, he didn't know he was going to die in the hand of a stingray, but the shows he produced were amazingly done."

~ ~ ~

I hope you all you learned something this segment. And special thank to Pavitra to join this interview.

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Until next time. Ciao!

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