Saturday, 31 March 2018

Time For Some Vitamin Sea - Pangkor Island

Alert : The following post contains lots of, lots of BLUE !

I for one believe that the color of blue, represent peace and zen. Just like green represents mother nature, blue helps in finding my inner peace. If any of you have read my previous articles, you probably had noticed that I love exploring countries and places with 4 seasons, especially the autumn.

But due to some personal reason lately, I found myself in a situation where I needed a place for peace, very badly. That is when I developed my new interest and love for the Islands.

In the country I live in, Malaysia, lies an under-rated island. For some reason, people seem to not have much interest in visiting it.

Pangkor Island (or Pulau Pangkor in its native language), is located in Manjung District, state of Perak. It used to be a home for British colonies and refuge for some local fishermen. But today, it has transformed into a nature paradise. 

The island can be categorized into two different sections, east coast being the commercial areas, where merchants and traders are widely operating their business, and jetties for ferries. While west coast being the tourism destinations.

There are two beaches that I would suggest you to visit - Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak.

Both beaches are great with plenty of activities for you to try on, but possess surroundings that are completely different.

Teluk Nipah, also named 'Mini Krabi' by the locals, is a small street that filled with all types of chalets and hotels. Expensive or cheap, fancy or budgeted, just name it. Next to the beach is a street for you to shop. Things like souvenirs, clothes, mini markets, restaurants, food stalls, beach activities etc. It is so convenient that you could simply stay there for the whole weekend without needing to travel around the island. It tends to get very crowded during the school holiday. So you might want to check the local calendar before planning your trip.

Pasir Bogak, on the other hand, is long beach with literally no crowd. There are some beach activities like kayak and jet-ski. But due to lack of chalets and places to stay, the tourists were forced to find some other locations. But hey, you know what's left around there? Tranquility! 

So prepare your sunscreen and beach mat, because it's a perfect spot for sun-bathing!

Now let's talk about costs and prices, shall we?

If you were to travel from the mainland, I would suggest you to take the ferry from Lumut Ferry Terminal. The ride takes about 45 minutes and costs you only RM14 for a round trip (RM8 for a single trip). You will see a small ticket counter before the entrance.

As for the transportation, you might want to try on the motorcycle. It's a perfect way to commute around the island. Less traffic and less petrol consumption. You could also enjoy the fresh air. It costs around RM25 per day. But it still depends on which agency you are renting from. The price could be vary from one to another. You can find plenty of sales representatives waiting at the arrival jetty. Or you may try to google for one beforehand and have them wait for your arrival.

Hotel, just prepare yourself with the rate between RM80 to RM120 per night for budgeted chalet, or RM150 to RM250 for better surroundings (both prices are for queen size bed).

Lastly, the food. My best suggest would be to find the huts like photos below. They're super cheap, around RM60 for three people (4 main dishes and drinks). Plus, the view is amazing! Just be sure to get there around 6.30 pm for the sunset.

I guess that's it for this time. Be sure to stay tune because I'll be sharing more island/beach posts.

Thank you and until we meet again. Ciao!

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