Sunday, 6 March 2016

AA Super Grill @ Subang Bestari

"Mok Kito Maroh Jual Mahal"

An adorable tag line by AA Super Grill. It means "Our mommy would get mad if we made pricey".

Like seriously, do you usually pay for a plate of grilled-mutton? RM20? RM30? Even if it wasn't inside of a restaurant, you would still have to pay that much. But what AASG promising here is that, a regular price exactly like an average meal - RM10 for a plate of 200 gram grilled-mutton.

Located in the heart of newly built commercial streets (next to Tat Nasi Ayam), I would say this little establishment managed to stand out from the rest of its competitors around. Talk about the smell. Your guts and conscience will eat you up if you fight against the will to try this food. AASG has only been around for 7 months now, but from what I saw last night, the business was doing well. I loved watching at those restless employees. A young teen standing behind the grilling heat just to serve the best for their customers (Totally reminded me of myself during final year of high school, where I lied to my parents about having a part-time job after school). I truly hope this kid's paycheck pays all that.

AASG doesn't just serve customers who visit their establishment. You could actually call them up to cater some events or parties. The fixed rate they're giving would be RM1,000 for twenty kilogram of mutton. That's equivalent of 80 attendees.

So here's some more details:

Monday to Friday, opening from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm.
Saturday, opening from 6.30 pm to 12.00 midnight.

Facebook: AA Super Grill

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