Sunday, 17 May 2015

Friday Prayer

Okay, now this is something you don't see everyday in Malaysia. I mean, we do have Friday prayer, and we certainly have outdoor prayers, but not during the winter time. This photo was taken dated back in the late November. My Arab friends and I used to visit Sudan Embassy once in a week, to complete the prayer. Well, it was a pretty good experience actually.

The embassy located right in the middle of the city, and the people who visited that place were mostly the high commissioners from different countries. My friends, they were all in the late 20's. So practically they went there to catch up with some other friends from different part of Beijing city. I was a lone wolf, I went with them just because I had no where else to go. Plus, I was freaking 18 back then, it wasn't like I had any commissioner friends.

In Malaysia, most of the khutbah are cited in Malay Language. But here, it was in Arabic, or was it Sudan official language, I couldn't tell. It sounded so good, though.

As I said, we visited that place once a week. But as the days go on, we kind of stopped going there around December. I think why, the weather was insanely freezing and nobody could have outdoor prayer in it. It wasn't just the embassy that I stopped visiting, I think it was everywhere. It totally felt like hibernating that time.

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