Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Ramadhan Buffet @ Hibiscus Cafe (Melaka)

As we all know, we are about to globally celebrate the month of Ramadan. Just a couple of weeks away. In case if you have little clue of what this month is, simply put, it is a time when Muslims all around the world perform fasting from dusk (sunrise) till dawn (sunset). In some countries, like Malaysia for instant, we treat the month as a time of joy (on top of its holiness). Also we take it as if it is a pre-Eid celebration.

And one the best thing about celebration - the food. Just like you can't have a happy birthday without a cake; you just can't have a memorable Ramadan without a good buffet. (I know that's kind of misguiding the true concept of Ramadan. But hey! People love food, don't they?)

So if you're ever planning on visiting the state of Melaka during the month, you might want to try on this amazing buffet package by Hibiscus Cafe (a restaurant by Kings Green Hotel). I was there a while ago, and boy I'm going to tell you this, the Nyonya dishes were astounding.

With the theme of Citarasa Muhibbah (Taste of Neighbourliness), this buffet is set to serve you with all kind of locally made dishes. Keep in mind, though, that every week the chef will be changing the buffet's menu. But here are some of the highlights:


Kerabu Taugeh
(Bean sprout with coconut)

Sambal Timun
(Cucumber served with chili paste)

Bubur Lambok
(Mixed Porridge)

Rojak Petis
(Mixed fruit & veges served with black shrimp paste)

Main Course

Nasi Beringin
(Turmeric Rice)

Seafood Tomyam
(Tom Yam Seafood)

Gulai Daging Kawah
(Curry Beef)

Sotong Sambal
(Chili Paste Squid)

Ayam Goreng Belacan
(Chicken cooked with shrimp paste)

Stir-fried Brocolli Mushroom

Udang Lemak Nanas
(Prawn cooked with coconut milk, chili & pineapple)


Ikan Jenahak Asam Pedas
(Jenahak Fish cooked with spicy & sour sace)


Kuih Muih Tradisional & Pastri
(Assorted traditional cakes & pastries)

In my own opinion, never miss the Udang Lemak Nanas & Sambal Timun. These two will definitely take you back to the time when you were a kid and having your grandmother in the village cooking for you (well, unless you grew up in the city, or not even in this country, then I have nothing to add lol).

The normal price for this buffet will be - RM68.00 per adult & RM58.00 per kid/elderly. With a purchase of 10 pax (adult), you will be given with a one(1) free coupon.

P/S: try to book it before 10th May as you will receive early bird discount - RM58.00 per adult & RM48.00 per kid/elderly.

I guess that's it for this time. You may check out the links and contacts below for reservation.

And in case if Melaka isn't the place you will be during the month, no worry as I will be sharing more buffets on other locations. Stay tune!

Contact : 06-2881091 ext 629/3
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