Saturday, 27 February 2016

Tiny Kit for Travel Translator

Tips from me - Tiny kit for Travel Translator (or any job that requires you to move around and talk a lot)

1. Herbal Lozenge - for a quick relieve for wounded or sore throat. You could get this in any pharmacy.

2. Melon Frost - to prevent any possible ulcer in your mouth. For my case, I tend to get ulcer a lot due to excessive body heat.

3. Clorets - to temporarily refresh your breath. If your listener keep making some sort of disgusted face, you sure need this thing.

4. Mouth Wash - an essential item after having your meal. Not that you could brush your teeth in public.

5. Biscuit - for a boost of energy. Better yet, get a sugary candy if your energy tend to run out faster.

The rest of the items are pretty normal, such as aspirins. I had finished my trip to Guangzhou few days ago, and these stuff seriously helped me getting through it. A week of restless interpreting huh, God knows how exhausted I was.

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