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Opinion : Thoughts On China by Pavitra

From the beginning of my involvement in traveling, I have been interviewing people and listened to what they had to share about China. It has been lovely. It was funny to see some of them who at first were so reluctant to go for the trip, simply because China wasn't their dreamland, had a major turnaround experience. Some of those experiences even left a life-long memory to them.

So what would happen if I start asking about China, to those who have never stepped foot there? Well, let's find out what these people have to say about the notorious country.

Meet Pavitra, she is currently 21 and a Journalism student. Traveling may not be a common thing for her, but she does possess knowledge and interest in it. For example, if you asked anything related to history of Egypt or Greek's mythology, she could answer to you as if she was born there at the time.

Me : What is the first thing in your mind when heard the word "China"?

"Great Wall! Okay, I know that's very generic. And also this one palace on a mountain, which I saw in the movie "Karate Kid". I've seen it a lot in TV programs but I always forget the name. It's like a place where you find peace and to do meditation. All those mystical things. It's not that it looks unreal or movie-like, but that place is there in the midst of chaos and I believe some places in China are quite chaotic with people and cars. But that palace is like a new leaf, peaceful and in tune with nature. It's literally a paradise."

Me : What is the best thing you have heard about the country?

"The best thing would be the food. It's very different and good. I don't have much interest in architecture, I prefer to enjoy authentic culture. If you wanted me to choose between KLCC and Giza Pyramid, I would definitely pick the latter one. I'm more of an ancient historical type of person. "

Me : Do you think the medias are portraying the country in the truthful way?

"I think the Malaysian media only shows the political part of the country (China) and they are making us believe politic is the only thing we should concern about when it comes to this topic. And now when we speak of China, we only talk about how China owns half of our country and blah blah whatsoever. When the media portrays the country like that, the people like us will start having bad thoughts. But we don't know anything else about the country, for example the culture. The media is simply not being informative. People who love to travel they would go for some travel websites, but some people rely solely on the news."

Me : China recently donated a huge amount of money to World Health Organization (WHO) to improve the life of refugees in Syria, a war-torn country. Some huge media in China said it was just another political strategy by the president to secure the trading business between China and the Arab countries. There were comments saying that the fund could have fed the needy local Chinese instead of giving out to the outsiders. What is your thoughts on this?

"I do believe some media are unreliable and love to add things up just to get views, but I don't think that securing businesses is the only agenda. Perhaps the president is a man with big heart, who just wanted to help. I am not going to say much about that, but if you're doing it for the wrong reason, that's just awful, because you're playing with a lot of life. However, I don't agree with comments given by the media."

Me : Do you know that the size of 1 China is equal to 29 Malaysia. As for population, 1 Chinese equals to 44 Malaysians. Do you think that the country is doing good in maintaining it?

"Ow wow. My first guess was 1 China equals to 10 Malaysia, but that is just insane. I knew the country is big, but that ratio is unbearable. I know that most cities in China are very much developed, but I'm not sure about the rural areas. Even in Malaysia there are under-developed places like in Pahang. But if you asked me, I would say better to keep it that way, it would keep the culture alive. There are certain places that you should have respect for. So there are certain places that journalists should know what to explore and what not to explore."

Me : Have you seen or heard "Yading Nature Reservoir" and "Jiuzhaigou"? Why do you think media chose not to show them?

"I have never seen them, nor heard of them. But these pictures are beautiful. These are gorgeous. I guess people are prone to dramas and politics, so whenever these come up, the media would just go for it. I admit that we all love to have some dramas in life, but just find a way to control them."

Yading Nature Reservoir & Jiuzhaigou

Me : What do you think about traveling? Is it meant for the rich?

"I think traveling is a must for everyone. It gives you a chance to run back into yourself, it teaches a lot about you that you don't know. There is no need to travel far or expensive. You could simply travel from here to Penang just to get out from your comfort zone. It's a basic knowledge and a skill you have to acquire. I don't think you would want to tell your kids in the future that you stayed in the house all the time and didn't go anywhere. And if you can't afford traveling, try reading. Learn how people out there live their life. Let your imagination run wild."

"If I were given with a chance to travel far, I would categorize myself as solo traveler, who seeks for leisure and spiritual learning. Even with a group, the maximum number would be three people. That way there would be less disturbance and I could deal with my own thoughts."

Me : Any final advice for those with fear of traveling?

"If you were too afraid of doing anything, then you were not experiencing what life had to offer. Just go for it, do not get scared too much of the consequences. Even if there is a plane crash and you die, you can't stop that from happening, but at least you die from doing something you truly love. Just like Steve Irwin, he didn't know he was going to die in the hand of a stingray, but the shows he produced were amazingly done."

~ ~ ~

I hope you all you learned something this segment. And special thank to Pavitra to join this interview.

If there is any of you wants to further understand about China, or maybe just looking for a travel buddy, you may let me know. Click this link for more details Tour Services.

Until next time. Ciao!

Your Shower Companion : DASHING 2 in 1 Face & Body Wash

In this fast-paced world, we are always looking for a way to shorten and make the most of enjoying our days. With the ever growing of shower gels in the market, finding the most suitable one need not be a headache. How? With DASHING 2 in 1 Face & Body Wash, the formula that is designed perfectly for both your face and body!

Maintaining a hygienic daily routine is great for cleanliness and self-confidence. Finding the ideal shower gel helps in leaving your skin clean and smooth by opening up pores and removing toxins. DASHING 2 in 1 Face  Body Wash, offers a complete clean and energizing sense of freshness from head to toe - without irritation.

And, with the modern men nowadays, they take grooming more seriously. Washing the face is one of those things we assume everyone does the same way. With that being said, a guy should was their face twice a day - when he wakes up in the morning and before he goes to bed, just like taking a bath. Washing your face before you take on the day ahead helps to freshen you up and prevents excess oil production. Cleansing at the end of the day will remove all the impurities that your skin faces from the pollution, humidity and dirt.

Therefore, to make the process of washing the face and body more efficient, DASHING has the perfect solution for you - DASHING 2 in 1 Face & Body Wash. This face and body wash comes in a 700-gram convenient pump pack design. It's specially formulated for men's face and body to hydrate and whiten the skin. Loaded with ingredient to detoxify the skin and deliver deep-cleansing action from face to toe leaving you clean and fresh all day.

The DASHING 2 in 1 Face & Body Wash is available in 4 variants; Cool, Active, Hattrick and Ultimate Kick. Infused with the eau de toilette (EDT) perfume, it gives a long-lasting fragrance to suit a men's scent.

Cool serves the contemporary man who is nonchalant, loves to hang around with his friends and takes life easy. This masculine fragrance defines one's identity and magnetism. A cool fresh scent topped with a captivating blend of bergamot and galbanum whilst accented with powdery amber and musk as base note. This scent is designed to exude the cool masculine charm within oneself.

The Active is staunched to the rugged men on-the-go who are passionate about life in the outdoors. Topped with modern fougere nuances combined with a bright citrus top note, lavender, muguet heart and a novel amber background. This scent is bound to keep any men confident and active on his toes with his incredible masculine fragrance.

A scent made for champions, Ultimate Kick brings out the suave side in every facade of a modern man's daily life. The Ultimate Kick features summer-like active fragrance featuring a concoction of lemon, enhanced with the freshness of cardamom supported by vanilla and a musky base.

A winning strike for every DASHING man, Hattrick's enigmatic fragrance ignites one's love for winning goals. Hattrick exudes the unique combination of apple and citrusy freshness, infused with floral notes and a hint of amber.

The Cool and Hattrick has a dual-action formula with triple whitening actives that gently and effectively cleanses to give your face and even skin tone and brighter look. On the body, its hydrating formulation which contains micro-minerals helps to improve skin moisturisation and strengthening the skin's defense system, leaving the body feeling healthier and fresh.

As for the Active and Ultimate Kick variant, it helps to remove impurities and excess oil to give your face a clear and matte look. With its deep clean and detox properties, it helps prepare the skin against daily aggression, leaving your body with a great after-shower feeling.

The DASHING 2 in 1 Face & Body Wash is priced at RM17.90 and is easy on the pocket as you save your money by getting 1 product for your face and body.

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黄明志(Namewee) 在 Nimpmos 签字仪式现场表演,前场爆笑

2018年5月26日位于吉隆坡万丽酒店,Nimpmos Sdn Bhd,首个马来西亚的区块链直播电商平台,举办了亿天通全球启动发布会以美国公司Montgomery Securities LLC进行签署谅解备忘录仪式。现场也吸引了超过1500为嘉宾参与。

不过,我本人特注意的是仪式所邀请来的表演嘉宾 - 著名歌手黄明志与四叶草。他们俩招来的气氛可说非常热烈。

每当听到黄明志这名字,我不知不觉地会想笑。看他真个人‘傻傻’的样子,再加上非一般黑色幽默(Black Humor),没看过他的人都会忍不住而笑爆。他最近也拍摄了不少的广告并在Youtube播放。每次看到这些广告我都会暂停其他东西,也不跳过屏幕,让自己笑笑一下。



我之前提到的谅解备忘录仪式将由亿天通Nimpmos创办人兼首席实行姚采辰小姐与Montgomery Securities LLC董事总经理John Alfred Ritter先生进行签约,更邀请了杜拜区块链首席顾问Wadih Maalouf先生担任见证人。Montgomery Securities LLC是一家策划上市公司,此公司先于高达80多家公司上市合作,其中包括Yahoo,爱奇艺等等。


作为企业社会责任公司,Nimpmos Snd Bhd向6个社会福利院捐助了高达1万令吉的慈善捐款。当中包括Pertubuhan Baitul Rahmah (Country Home Rawang),Baitul Ulfah (Seri Kembangan),Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary (Setapak Kuala Lumpur),Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat (Taman Meak Petaling Jaya),Charis Home (Kuala Lumpur)和Angel Children's Home (Old Klang Road Kuala Lumpur)。


Thursday, 24 May 2018

5 Amazing Facts You Should Know About Bali

The name Bali isn't a foreign word for everyone when it comes travel checklist. It's been known for decades for its nature and serenity. For some socialites, hell it's a party paradise. Either you are planning a trip to enjoy the beauty of this island, or simply to escape your current problem and get drunk, there are few things you may need to know before stepping foot into this mortal heaven.

1. Volcanoes Are Everywhere

Not just a volcano, an active one! And yes, there are a handful of them all around this island. Most of the times these volcanoes erupt in a small scale, and when they do, the airport will normally close down temporarily. That means your flight will not be able land there.

Hence, you need to be prepared for any delay or possible flight cancellation when this type of nature occurrence takes place. There is nothing that anyone can do. My best advice is - check the weather report and stay in touch with the news before booking your ticket.

2. The Entire Island Is A Holy Ground

With a volcano standing next to your yard, it is a best idea to keep yourself near to God, like all the time. Thus, you will find this island is dense with Hindu temples. The locals perform prayer as if it is their daily meals. Even most of tourism destinations and souvenirs here possess religious influence.

One thing to keep in mind when you walk on the street of Bali - you will notice there are baskets of small goodies or food or trinkets laying around the entrances. Be mindful and do not step on those things. The locals place them every morning as part of their religious ritual and stepping on them might get you into bad karma. And that brings me to my next point.

3. The Locals Strongly Believe In Karma

With Hinduism being the largest religion, 83% of entire population, the belief of karma has been around since the island obtained independence. In general, people who believes in karma will always behave in a good way, and that applies to the locals here. There is no need to have any fear when you stroll around Bali's streets at night. The people are pretty much worried about something else. (But if you were a young lady, I would definitely suggest you to go out by group.)

With that said, there is no need for you to act all snobby or superior around here. The only time they will listen to your order is when you offer them a bag full of cash.

4. The Locals Share Almost The Same Name

Thanks to the book "Eat, pray, love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, people all around the globe now know that the locals have an interesting naming system. Regardless of gender, the four famous names are Wayan, Made, Nyoman and Ketut, given to the newborns based on the order of first to fourth respectively. If a family has more than four children, the cycle repeats.

But it's not as simple as it may sound. Some newborns would be given with additional names based on their caste or clan. While some tend to make it easier by giving themselves nicknames. So if you ever encounter with a local whose name is incredibly long and hard to remember, just go ahead and ask what does he/she prefer to be called.

5. The Island Brings You The Feeling Of Peace, Sometimes Love

Unless you are in a spiritual journey to find your true self (which I totally respect), do me a favor and never ever go there by yourself. If you are married or dating, do bring your partner. If you aren't intending to have that anytime soon, please bring your friends or family.

Bali has so much to offer, and based on my experience, they were all memorable because I spent my time here with my wonderful friends. Everything you do, everything you see could possibly spark the feeling of romance or love. It can be a real shame if you don't have any special person to share that memory with.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That's it for my post this time. In case if you are looking for a tour guide in Bali, do email me at I'd love to share this one tour guide, Mr. Eko, who provided great hospitality for me and my friends during our stay.

By the way, if Bali isn't what you are looking for now, you may want to consider CHINA. Click this link to further understand the services I provide -

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Kings Green Hotel @ Melaka

Just a couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to take some time off to Melaka. Just for your info, in one week time, I will be enrolling into a full-time diploma program. Yes! I'm going back to school. Yay for me!

So I have resigned from my former full-time job to give myself some time to prepare for school, and relax. So I figured, what could be more relaxing than travelling around. Hence I chose Melaka, approximately two hours drive from my hometown.

I chose this 4-star hotel, namely Kings Green Hotel, located in the heart of Melaka City Center.

And what was my ultimate plan? To stay in and SLEEP! And also get some food to eat. Isn't that just wonderful? Lol.

Whenever I choose a hotel, I always look for these criterias (kind of like a soft spot for me) - huge window to get good view and bath tub (because I was going to sleep in it, obviously).

Thank goodness that this hotel provided those things I wanted. Thus, amazing weekend I had.

The room I had was categorized as Deluxe King. Here is a summary of the rooms' rate.

RM192.00 nett for weekday
RM220.00 nett for weekend

Deluxe King
RM222.00 nett for weekday
RM254.00 nett for weekend

Deluxe Twin
RM244.00 nett for weekday
RM274.00 nett for weekend

RM512.00 nett for weekday
RM544.00 nett for weekend

Premier Suite
RM764.00 nett for weekday
RM794.00 nett for weekend

All of the rooms come together with breakfast for 2 (with exception of Premier Suite, which is for 4). Also it has free parking space and WiFi.

If room isn't the thing you're looking for, there are 2 Function Halls, 3 Meeting Rooms and 1 Ball Room available for you to rent.

As a hotel guest, I was entitled to use their facilities, like Gym and Swimming Pool. And owh, not to forget that they also have a bar on the 3rd floor, namely Green Acres Lounge & Bar. It is great if you loved drinking, and karaoke.

Now, on my final list of honorable mention - the food!

There are two restaurants that you may try while visiting this place - JIA Restaurant and Hibiscus Cafe.

I will be sharing more about JIA Restaurant on a different post. I've got some amazing snaps, so it has to be put up separately.

As for Hibiscus Cafe, I was there for its happy hour high tea, and it was lovely. They named it "Sembang-sembang Petang" (Evening Talk), between 3.00pm to 6.00pm. Following pictures are some examples of meals they serve during this high tea. You may choose between these two:

Local Taste
Coffee/Tea with choice of snacks such as Cucur Udang, Keropok Udang, Goreng Pisang tc.
RM8.0 nett onwards

Chicken Chop Promotion
Breaded or Grilled with Kings Green signature sauce (salted egg)
RM18.00 nett

You may also check out my previous post for their Ramadhan Buffet - Ramadhan Buffet @ Hibiscus Cafe (Melaka)

For more information, you may check out contacts below.

Contact  : +6062881091
Fax        : +6062881092
Address : 28, Jalan Tun Perak, 75300 Melaka, Malaysia

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Ramadhan Buffet @ Berjaya Waterfront Hotel (Johor Bahru)

Like I said in my previous post, Ramadhan in this country will not be much fun if there isn't any Iftar buffet. It's one of the channels where restaurants and hotels could be able to showcase talents of their chefs.

So today, I am going to do that one thing where I make your mouth so watery that you just can't wait for the Ramadhan to come.

Allow me to introduce - Berjaya Waterfront Hotel Johor Bahru.

I was pretty lucky to be invited for its buffet preview, and these following pictures that I'm about to show you, they are simply insane.

A quick intro, Berjaya Waterfront Hotel is delighted to announce their Ramadhan Buffet by bringing back original fares that are set to delight food lovers. Simply named, "Warisan Sajian Bonda" (Mother's Heritage), the master chefs of Berjaya Waterfront Hotel led by Executive Chef Jamaluddin Sadikum will feature traditional recipes that were lovingly taught to them by their own mothers.

Highlights of the signature dishes for this preview are Soup Gear Box and Kambing Golek. From the hawkers stall, the buffet offers 200 varieties of mouth-watering authentic local dishes such as kerabu ulam kampung, otak-otak, satay, daging bakar, ikan sumbat, gulai ayam kampung, lemang, ketupat and many more. Lively melodies of malay traditional music will be performed like Ghazal, Zapin and Kuda Kepang throughout the Ramadhan month.

Berjaya Waterfront Hotel "Warisan Sajian Ibunda: buffet will be available daily from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm from 17th May to 13th June 2018.


RM50.00 nett for adult (17th May to 23rd May)
RM66.00 nett for adult (24th May to 13th June)

**For children is RM44.00 nett




Although I have said earlier at the top what are the highlights, but still, I have my own suggestion. Haha! This is a buffet, and like any other buffet, you should know how to strategise your selection of meals. Or else, you will end up not trying out everything.

My best advice would be to balance up your picks between the main course and dessert. Why? Because the varieties of their desserts are just nuts. The number of choices is almost comparable to its main course. And how about the taste? They were fabulous.

I am a true sucker for dessert, therefore, I would suggest you to save up some space in you stomach for later use. You will need that, trust me.

For reservation, you may call up this contacts below.

Contact : 07-2219999
Address : 88, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Stulang Laut, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim