Saturday, 31 March 2018

DASHING SPORT Range – Eau De Toilette and Deodorant for the Adrenaline Seekers

DASHING is releasing another sensational and exciting range of eau de toilette that captures all the elements of a body in motion. The Dashing Sports Range provides a fresh, stimulating grooming option with their newly released sport deodorant and eau de toilette collection.

The Dashing man has a presence that delivers masculinity and confidence. Th new scent perfectly encapslats the eau de toilette's crips yet profoundly  modern notes. The sport eau de toilette has a composition of exhilarating sensations with a sporty and edgy fragrance that appeals to the risk takers and adrenaline seekers.

Sweating is a common occurrence. Whether you're walking to your car, heading to a meeting, hitting the gym or any other activity, no men can avoid breaking a sweat, especially in Malaysia's humid weather. Body odor is a problem to many particularly, those active with their dynamic work and social lifestyle. Men are increasingly more self-aware in this digital and fighting body odor is a priority.

In battling the odor, deodorant and eau de toilette have been vital men's everyday grooming. Deodorant help in controlling body odor and boosting self confidence, while eau de toilette leaves a lasting scent and masks stench produced by the body. Finding the right deodorant and eau de toilette is important as there deodorants and eau de toilettes that do not last and leaves stains on clothes.

Dashing has heard the many woes of men out there and is releasing a new range which is Dashing Sport to join the MCFC family. The Dashing Sport range consists of deodorant body spray and eau de toilette.

The Sport Deodorant Body Spray comes in a 125 ml ca is not only formulated with 24 hours protection but it also has 6-in-1 benefits that helps in the battle against body odor. The Sport Deodorant Body Spray benefits urban men as it is anti-odor, anti-bacterial, quick drying, leaves no stains, has a lasting fragrance and provide freshness.

As for the Sport Eau de Toilette, it comes in a nenw sporty 50 ml sleek glass casing, This ea de toilette provides long-lasting sensational masculine fragrance with new formula and color.

Both of the deodorant body spray and eau toilette are limitd editions. The Sport Deodorant Body Spray and the Eau de Toilette are available in 2 new variants; Hitman and Golden Boot.

Hitman is for the sporty men who is always on the go. It has an aromatic tonic fragrance that has a lively and refreshing smell of sparking citrus and iced cucumber. The Sichuan pepper and lavender gives a hint of spiciness and combined with signature patchouli and gaiac wood, it gives that magnetic and daring scent can easily boost the confidence of any man.

The Golden Boot variant has a more husky and alluring fragrance. The rhubarb leaves and pimento gives that masculine spiciness to the wearer while the blend of cashmere wood and leather creates an unforgettable and appealing signature smell.

The limited edition Sport Deodorant Body Spray and the Sport Eau de Toilette are both amazingly reasonably priced at RM12.90 and RM24.90, respectively.

Time For Some Vitamin Sea - Pangkor Island

Alert : The following post contains lots of, lots of BLUE !

I for one believe that the color of blue, represent peace and zen. Just like green represents mother nature, blue helps in find my inner peace. If any of you have read my previous articles, you probably had noticed that I love exploring countries and places with 4 seasons, especially the autumn.

But due some personal reason lately, I found my in a situation where I needed a place for peace, very badly. That is when I developed my new interest and love for the Islands.

In the country I live in, Malaysia, lies an under-rated island. For some reason, people seem to not have much interest in visiting this island.

Pangkor Island (or Pulau Pangkor in its native language), is located in Manjung District, state of Perak. It used to be a home for British colonies and refuge for some local fishermen. But today, it has transformed into a nature paradise. 

The island can be categorized into two different sections, east coast being the commercial areas, where merchants and traders are widely operating their business, and jetties for ferries. While west coast being the tourism destinations.

There are two beaches that I would suggest you to visit - Teluk Nipah and Pasir Bogak.

Both beaches are great with plenty of activities for you to try on, but possess surrounding that are completely different.

Teluk Nipah, also named 'Mini Krabi' by the locals, is a small street that filled with all types of chalet and hotels. Expensive or cheap, fancy or budget, just name it. Next to the beach is a street for you to shop. Things like souvenirs, clothes, mini markets, restaurants, food stalls, beach activities etc. It is so convenient that you could simply stay there for whole weekend without needing to travel around the island. It tends to get very crowded during the school holiday. So you might want to check the local calendar before planning your trip.

Pasir Bogak, on the other hand, is long beach with literally no crowd. There are some beach activities like kayak and jet-ski. But due to lack of chalets and places to stay, the tourists were forced to find some other locations. But hey, you know what's left around there? Tranquility! 

So prepare you sunscreen and beach mat, because it's a perfect spot for sun-bathing!

Now let's talk about costs and prices, shall we?

If you were to travel from the mainland, I would suggest you to take the ferry from Lumut Ferry Terminal. The ride takes about 45 minutes and costs you only RM14 for a round trip (RM8 for a single trip). You will see a small ticket counter before the entrance.

As for the transportation, you might want to try on the motorcycle. It's a perfect way to commute around the island. Less traffic and less petrol consumption. You could also enjoy the fresh air. It costs around RM25 per day. But it still depends on which agency you are renting from. The price could be vary from one another. You can find plenty of sales representative waiting at the arrival jetty. Or you may try to google for one before and have them wait for your arrival.

Hotel, just prepare yourself with the rate between RM80 to RM120 per night for budgeted chalet, or RM150 to RM250 for better surroundings (both prices are for queen size bed).

Lastly, the food. My best suggest would be to find the huts like photos below. They're super cheap, around RM60 for three people (4 main dishes and drinks). Plus, the view is amazing! Just be sure to get there around 6.30 pm for the sunset.

I guess that's it for this time. Be sure to stay tune because I'll be sharing more island/beach posts.

Thank you and until we meet again. Ciao!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Ever Thought Of Watching Live Football Match In Manchester ? Read This Out

Football, has and always will be a part of the Malaysian culture. Young or old, for a die-hard football fan, nothing is greater than to watch a live football match more if it is MCFC (Manchester City Football Club) vs MU (Manchester United). The electrifying atmosphere, club chants, excitement, energy, pain or joy is felt is indescribable.

English Premier League is one of the most popular football leagues with the highest number of followers, even in Malaysia. It is truly a dream come true for footie fans to be able to watch a live match in one of the famous stadiums.

DASHING, the leading men's grooming brand understands the adrenaline rush and passion men have for the world of football. With this in mind, DASHING is running for the 3rd year the Let's Go Manchester Contest! Free accommodation, 4 days 3 night return-trip to Manchester, United Kingdom for 6 lucky winners which includes a VIP tickets to watch a live match between MCFC vs MU as the grand prize in their Let's Go Manchester Contest! That is 4 great days experience of eating, sleeping and breathing football in Manchester, UK!

Not only will the winners be watching 2 of the greatest football clubs in the world battling against each other from their VIP seats at Etihad Stadium but it also include visit and tours to the National Football Museum and Stadium such as Old Trafford, Etihad and Anfield. Furthermore, there will be a chance to interact and request autograph from some of the MCFC Legends. Beside, there is a Magical Mystery Tour in store for the winners where they will be brought to locations related to the famous music band, The Beatles. What more can a die-hard football fan ask for.

All you need to do is (1) purchase any DASHING or ELITE products in a single receipt and (2) Whatsapp a clear photo of the full single receipt, name as per NRIC or Passport, NRIC number or Passport number and outlet of purchase (3) to +016-9972373. It is as simple as that!

So, what are you waiting for? Join now and be the in the VIP stand watching the live match before your eyes with 50,000 fans and DASHING, the leading male grooming branding Malaysia! This contest ends on 31st January 2018.

For more information, you can visit or or call the helpline number 03-80238311.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Interview With Emina - A Lovely Travel Partner

During October 2016, I organized a short trip to China. In each of my trip, I would prefer to invite a small group of travelers to join the party. And as always, I got quite a number of rejection when introduced this to people around. Most of them were skeptical with safety issue in that country. But lucky for me, I'd managed to get in touch with these four amazing souls who were up for the unknown.

Among these four people, one of them drew my attention with the smile she made every time we reached a destination.

Her name is Emina, an IT Support who used to serve in the same company as I did. She got to know about my plan by following my social media, and also from the words passed by everyone around.

Me : Could you tell me what places have you been to for that one week? What were the things you remember most?

"We went to visit Beijing and Xi'an. But due to shortage of time, our group only managed to visit a hand full o historical places in each city. If I had to list down, Terracotta and the Great Wall were the most memorable places to be mentioned. Not simply because they are a must for visitors in these cities. These two places are listed as few of world's wonder, and having to witness them right in front of you is an experience that could never fade."

"But honestly, these weren't the only things I adored. This whole trip has been an eye-opening experience for. In my previous trips abroad, I hadn't had a chance to go for a self-planned trip. All of them were organized by tour agencies. We paid a good amount of money to them and in return, everything was neatly managed, including the itinerary."

"Although there were few times we heard someone spitting loudly in the public space, but it was the local street culture and it was pretty fascinating to learn it up-close."

Me : I was told that you've been to Vietnam and Indonesia, were the trips different from the one we had?

"Definitely, they weren't the same. Back in Vietnam, the trip was organized and altered based on majority's vote. Sadly, most of them in the group preferred to spend their vacation by having shopping-spree. Came with only a luggage on the first day, and went back to Malaysia with boxes of purchase. We ended up visiting only few historical sites."

"I didn't get to experience anything like we had while in China. Rushing from a place to another, trying basically every food we saw on the street, taking our time to slowly sink in every good time we were having."

"One of the most memorable occasion during the trip, was when we took the 14-hour long train from Beijing to Xi'An. We could have cut the time half by taking bullet train. But we didn't, and I truly enjoyed it. We were having great time, it was relaxing time, and I miss the time when we were playing poker on the train to kill time. And it was hilarious to think that we were supposed to meet up for dinner, but I guess everyone was damn tired, so all of us slept through the rest of train ride."

Me : How about the food? Did you manage to take them in? And were they costly?

"I remember most of the food we had consisted of mutton. Skewer, dumpling, dim-sum pao etc. Even the noodles we had were filled with mutton. Frankly, I had a different perception on the kind of food we were about to have in China, as the Chinese Malaysians are likely to enjoy flavorless and less oily food. But in China, the locals would add in as much taste as possible."

"To my surprise, they were quite cheap. When divided for five people, it only cost each of us about RMB 20 to 30 for a meal. They all cost the same regardless of how big the restaurant we dined in."

Me : How do you feel when talking to the local Chinese? Are the outsiders describing them in a right way?

"People asked me to be careful when visiting the country. And when you go to social media, they tend to share all the bad things. The locals are rude, there were thieves everywhere, you would likely to get scammed most of the time, these were some comments I got before visiting."

"But speaking through experience, the locals aren't that crazy. These weren't entirely true. Even in Malaysia, fraudster and scammers are everywhere."

"The drivers that escorted us were super friendly. The pedestrians were very helpful when we asked for direction, they even smiled and greeted us. And that time when you lost you camera in Xi'An, the hawker were kind enough to return it to you. These things I experienced were entirely different from what I heard before the trip."

Me : Any final advice for those out there who are still worried to step foot this country?

"It would be a real shame if got scared only by negative comments from others. If you really want to go, just go. Experience the thing yourself."

"Traveling isn't just a fun thing to do, it's a process of learning. People get matured by traveling."

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Are Malaysian Consumers Stupid? - This Page Definitely Proves The Point

In case if any of you hadn't notice, there have been quite a number of rumors spreading around Facebook. All of them were made based on one simple intention, that is to target this developer - Metro Kajang Holding (MKH).

My attention was drawn into this topic not because of the development issue, but it was because of the obsession displayed by this page (Are Malaysian Consumers Stupid?). This definitely isn't the first time people promote hate through Facebook, but seeing the page's consistency in brainwashing its readers really had me questioned the authenticity of online news.

Check out the page and you will see the author, namely Tanya Hyacinth Fernandez, went all out ranting about the condominium she bought a while ago. Not just that, the materials and proofs she brought up to support her complaints were seemingly fake and made up, like most unreliable articles you could fine online.

And the best of all, her page received thousands of views in Facebook and people are actually her.

I really don't know how to describe it, but just look at her posts, none of them can be considered a real proof. Most of them were made up using amateur phone video and provoking texts.

For example, the author used two different photos of her years ago and present, and simply made a claim that the developer was the one to cause her the misery. Just think about it, a developer had caused her these? Look at these two photos to see her claim.

Honestly, it was too bizarre to understand her entire rant. Just look up the page and trust me, you'll frown so hard that it leaves scars on your forehead.

Well, good to know I'm not the only one to question the reliability of her stories. Or else the page's title really proved to be right. Just look at these comment sections.

And apparently this lady doesn't take no for an answer. Anyone who opposes her is considered as a danger threat.

Even my questioning comments were deleted from her posts.

I spent around half an hour going through these comments, just to see if people are actually buying these stories, but to my surprise, I found out that this isn't the first time this author has fooled the internet.

Check out this link to see how she used the same tactic to provoke hate to other establishment (History of Tanya & her cut). Sadly, it was for the same purpose - her personal amusement.

I don't have any personal grudge against the author. I don't even know her in real life. But seeing how much she was willing to do to defame others, it seriously scares the hell out of me. If I were left alone in the planet with only her standing next to me, she would still be the last being I would go for.

As an online influencer, whose livelihood and career depend so much on providing facts and articles on the internet, I would say this type of author really ruined our readers' trust.

But hey, at least all of s have learned something from her - If you dislike something/someone, simply put up some fake news online and you will eventually win the case.

So next time when I go to McDonald's and the staffs forget to give me an extra cheese dip, I should just create a hate page with the title "Boycott McDonal's - Because Cheese Is Life". lol

Saturday, 15 July 2017

NY Steak Shack @ Sunway Velocity

A quick disclaimer - I am not a huge fan of K-Pop. Well, that doesn't mean I can't fall in love with the food. In fact, Korean restaurants were my first pick back in the time when I was studying in China. In short, they were cheap, simple, and tasted amazing. Ow how much I miss kimchi glass noodle! There was only one restaurant I'd ever encountered while in Beijing, that cooked it with pure passion.

Okay, okay. Let's re-focus on the actual topic here. I am not going to talk about travel on this post. This is purely about this one restaurant in Sunway Velocity, Cheras that I dined in last week - NY Steak Shack.

Ever wonder how would Korean dishes taste like when served in a restaurant, with western food as it's core menu? Now let me show around.

NY Steak Shack has recently introduced their newly designed dishes, with a special combination of western and eastern cooking style. They name it 'Dae-Bak Meals'.

Keep in mind, though, the aim of this new menu isn't to showcase the authenticity of Korean dishes. Instead, it is Korean inspired flavors infused into their way of cooking. Among the few things that you will find obvious are kimchi coleslaw, bulgogi gravy and kimchi pasta.

Even if you ordered bibimbap (a famous Korean mixed rice), they would serve rice and veges on few small plates instead of a huge bowl filled with everything in it. Also, do not forget to try their kimchi coleslaw, it's a real different taste. Instead of average milky coleslaw, this cabbages has a spicy and sour taste in it.

Here are the three things I would suggest to you.

1. Sizzling Bulgogi Lamb Leg - Grilled to perfection and served with bulgogi sauce (yes that bulgogi sauce!), kimchi coleslaw and fluffy white rice. Remember to pour down the sauce while the pan is still hot, and you'll get yourself a perfect aromatheraphy.

2. K-Runch Wings - Simply addictive! The inside is juicy that it makes you forget it's actually a fried chicken. My best suggestion, try the bulgogi flavor.

3. Omija (Mocktails) - A special inspired by traditional Korean punch. I'm suggesting this mostly isn't because this being my favorite. It's just too unique that I've got to share it. And YES, that' a freaking bird's eye chili!

For more info, you may check these out -

Website :
Location : Outlet Addresses
Facebook : NY Steak Shack Official Page

Monday, 3 July 2017

A Chance To Win BMW 330e Sport With Tronexus

I believe the usage of smart phone is rather common nowadays in Malaysia. It's 2017, unless you're living in some rural cities, with limitation in getting modern day devices, I would say that's be a little too odd for you not to have one. Not to say that it is a norm to own a smart phone, but I feel that not having one would be pretty inconvenient.

For me, I need my phone to perform all sort of online stuff. Fund transfer, bill payment, dictionary, car-pulling, getting news feed, just to name a few. Because I see smart phones as necessity, rather as a tool of entertainment.

So, when my blogger friends invited me for this one talk, that explains how one could earn extra money simply by having a smart phone (and a little hard work), I was very much interested with it. I have heard a couple of side income business modules that introduced plans nearly similar to this, but never had a chance to understand further.

So, here's a brief introduction that I have obtained from the talk, by Tronexus Global Sdn Bhd.

It is a subsidiary company of Talk Focus Sdn Bhd and also the company behind the exceptional Tronexus' simcard (the only simcard that allows its members to obtain income at their own pace and time using only their mobile phones) - is announcing an exciting change in its special ongoing contest now in the form of a Tronexus Lucky Draw; in celebration of the festive Raya month with its loyal customers and supporters.

With the contest starting last October, the talk highlight of announce - the change of the contest mechanism to a "More Easier 2 Win" Lucky Draw (effective from 21 June 2017 to 30 September 2017) have the guests all delighted in hearing of the simplified mechanism contest which will allow participants to stand a chance to win a BMW 330e Sport - the grand prize of the Lucky Draw followed by the second prize of Proton Persona 1.6 Executive CVT.

Apart from these amazing new rides, there will be 23 other prizes by Tronexus to be won which are just as tempting, consisting of tour packages worth RM 18,000 for two, two Honda Alpha 110 Motorcycle, five smart TVs, five iPads and ten Foldable bicycles.

A speech by the company's CEO, Dato's Sri Eric Yap, quoted "After hearing most of the feedback from the members and a long consideration, Tronexus Management is now simplifying the contest mechanism by Changing it into a Lucky Draw mechanism, and giving more benefit to our participants to win more awesome prizes."

"We prioritized the needs of our member and we are committed to give them more excitement, more great prizes and a high chance for them to win something that will be gratifying for them to bring home."

In case if any of you is new to this business module, Tronexus introduces an affiliation program. 1 GB of mobile data will be given for free to new users. With one new member you recommend, there will be another 500 MB of free mobile data given to you. And on top of that, you may stand a chance to win all sort of huge prizes.

Keep in mind, though, that all these benefits I have mentioned are only opened for the premium members. And if you are a basic plan user, you might want to consider upgrading your plan.

I guess that is all you need to know,  for more information on the Lucky Draw or how to become Tronexus Premium Member, please visit