Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cheap Korean Food in Beijing

One of my favorite food in Beijing, was the Korean food near my school. Why ? It was super cheap. Like seriously, I could get a bowl of Bibimbap ( mixed rice ) for only 10 yuan and Kimchi Ramen for only 12 yuan. And ultimately, the menu that I had nearly every dinner, Kimbap ( rice roll ). And it cost me only 8 yuan for a long roll, which could be cut into 10 to 15 thin slices. Just look at the top photo, sweet fried egg, cucumber, carrot, ham and cabbage, rolled into fragrant pearl rice, which covered with soft and delicious seaweed. It was lovely. A plate of Kimnap and a bowl of sweet corn slaw, it made an absolute wonderful dinner.

There were about 4 to 5 mini Korean food restaurants around my school. Most of them served the same menu, but made with different taste. We could choose for take-away or just simply call for delivery. The deliveries were all for free, as long as we lived within a kilometer from the restaurant. So back in the days, when it got really cold outside, nobody would want to get out from bed. The delivery service was pretty useful for us and even the delivery guy recognized us already.

In the right photo, my friends and I were having a delicate meal of Korean Kimbap and some slaws. Just look at how happy there were. What ? You don't think they enjoyed their meals ? Well, if you were about to have a major performance in three hours time, of course no one could smile even to a tasty meal.

There will be more info sharing from me for the great meals in China. But for now, I will have to bid my goodbye and hopefully all of you could try this delicious meal someday.

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