Thursday, 11 May 2017

VIP Hotel @ Segamat, Johor

So, I'd managed to pull out some time during last weekend for a short vacation. Wasn't that far, though. Just in Segamat, Johor.

In case if any of you wondering where the heck is Segamat, it's actually located on the north side of Johor state. Three hours of driving from my hometown, Johor Bahru, and approximately 1.5 hour from Melaka Sentral. Being one of the rural district in Johor, Segamat offers its visitors with pretty relaxing atmosphere. It actually gets better if you were born in the city, or maybe just tied up with it.

I, for one, love spending some quality time in these type rural area. But having no company, or people with similar could be big problem too sometimes. Lucky for me, I received an invitation by one of my Blogger friend to try out this hotel in Segamat. It didn't take me long to say yes. I had been longing for this type of weekend getaway for quite some times now.

So, without further a due, allow me to walk you around this place.

Basically, VIP Hotel is a 3-star rated hotel, but completed with some facilities that you will not find in any 3-star hotel around KL or JB.

I'm pretty sure some of you might think it's a little irony naming it 'VIP' but having rated with only 3 stars. Well, for short, this hotel markets itself mostly to attract the government officials or international corporation. Of course they do serve all walk-in individuals. But good thing about this hotel is, they're giving out discounts and special packages for those officials and corporation. Hence, the name 'VIP' helps with their marketing strategy.

As for the facilities, what do they have to offer?


During weekdays, this pool is rented out for public use. With only RM20 per adult, and RM10 per kid, you may spend the next 24 hours drowning yourself in the pool. But of course I believe none of you would actually do that.

And if you were the type of people who would never swim in trunk in front of public (like myself), you could go down the pool area in between 8 to 9 pm. By that time most of the visitors would have gone back to their rooms. Pretty comforting and no one would stare at you while swimming.

Keep in mind, though. The pool closes at 9 pm. Although there won't be any sign saying it, the guards will be all around it.


Do not get too excited, though. Like I said earlier, this is a 3-star rated hotel. Hence, you won't be seeing a complete set of gymnasium. As of this date, they gym comes with cardio equipment mostly, like exercise bikes and track mills.

If you were a morning exercise kind of person, this facility could be great for you. The gym was designed facing the pool and main road. So during morning, you may find sunrise just above the pool can be pretty indulging.

Coffee House 'The Chef'

This in-house cafe opens from as early as 7 am for breakfast, till 10 pm for supper. Except for breakfast, which they are serving buffet style, the rest of the meals are on ala-carte basis. It's good, though, because they only attend you with hot and freshly cooked dishes.

And there is another good news for those of you who refuse to come out from the room to eat. 'The Chef' also serves your hot dishes straight to your room, like a room service. The menu ranges from appetizer, main course to dessert. (There will be a different post for the food)

There are some other amenities too, which for some people, are pretty great to have.

- Liquor Bar (which I was not allowed to enter)

- Wifi

- Hot Shower

- Safety box and fridge in each room

- Snack and souvenir store

- Conference Rooms (that could fit up to 250 people)

~~ ~~ ~~

Here are the links for for full details. Booking is available through most hotel application, like Agoda, Tripadvisor and

Website : VIP Hotel Segamat
Facebook : VIP Hotel Segamat
Contact : 07-931 2101
Address : Batu 1, Jalan Buluh Kasap, Segamat 85000, Johor

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