Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Metropark Bazaar @ Subang

Have you been to the recent housing project in Subang, Metropark? You should really give it a try someday. Modern concept of lifestyle, along with the well-developed surroundings. It will give you a 110% of serenity by strolling within the area.

This project is set to be completed around the year 2023. While  we await for the year to come, the management of Metropark has planned for a couple more activities. So, in between the project completion and now, you could enjoy some other great events and activities by Metropark.

I was invited for their recent event last Sunday, the Metropark Bazaar. It was one of the Bazaars that Metropark will be organizing on the coming months. The idea is to keep up the interaction with the precious customers and at the same time, entertain you and your family with some of local musicians and artists, along with rows of mouth-watering desserts and treats.

These are some of the spotlights that we had during the afternoon there.

It doesn't matter which event you attend, chocolate cake is a must. And this little choco fudge, melts you taste bud away. 

You can't just have local treats, can you? Shawarma is a must for middle-eastern delights.

Taiwanese hot-dogs? My personal suggestion, try out the garlic hot-dog.

Another good choice for carbs-lover. Lol.

Let us spend some times looking into these health products. Natural Living.

Some handsome-looking bakeries.

Would you like some mini pines, sir? 

It basically says that  you should give it a try. And ow, it's a home-made Tou Fu Fa.

Some hijabs or scarfs, perhaps?

Soft-tasty cakes with assorted flavors, and all of them were below RM10.

They even had PAWS. Ow, can I keep it?

There you go, that was what  basically happening in the Bazaar. I admit my bad, though, for not taking any good photos of the musicians. They were awesome, by the way. And the afternoon was filled with their lovely singing, drumming and 'guitaring'.

So yeah. That's all from me for this post. Happy reading y'all.

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  1. So lovely of those professional photography you took. :D