Saturday, 2 May 2015

Great Wall

Hi guys! I totally appreciate all of you for sharing your time reading this. I know it isn't as good a other blogs out there. But hey, everyone has to start at some point.

This time, I want to show you the photo that was taken back in 2012 - Mutianyu Great Wall. There are actually 8 locations of Great Walls around Beijing that you can visit, and Mutianyu is one of them. It takes about 30 minutes to reach up the top. But once you're there, your mind will be blown by the panorama.

To be honest, this side of the great wall is way better than the one called Badaling. Well, in my own opinion. Because the structure in Badaling itself is too low, and it's way too commercialized. In fact, you can even see the wall on your first step into the main entrance. I don't think it's fun. At least in Mutianyu, you need to at least climb up or spend another 80 RMB for the cable car, before you get to enjoy the nice view of it. You know, kind of like an adventure, only if you choose to climb. And by the way, I went there for the second time on 2013.

If you guys consider these two are too easy, maybe you should try Simatai or Jingshanling Great Wall. Simatai is connected at the end of Mutianyu, while Jingshanling is located 70 km away from central Beijing. Practically, it would consume your whole day for the trip. However, you wouldn't mind that once you are there. I may have not been there yet, but I'm assuming those two places are super amazing. There are untouched and the structures are original. Great spots for back-packers and photographers.

In my planning, maybe I will have a solo trip to Beijing again on early 2015, just to check out these two great walls. I'm thinking to spend the entire two or three days for it. Probably it's time for explore more stuff and not just focusing on Badaling and Mutianyu.

Anyways, do let me know if you guys want to inquire regarding the great walls. This little article might not be helpful to you, but you can talk to me, it's way easier actually. Peace out!

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